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Investar Beta Edition

Based on customer feedback, Investar now has a Beta stream that is available for all paid and trial users to test out the new features that we are implementing.

Important facts about Investar Beta:

Release version can be simultaneously run with Beta (whenever possible).

Just like our main release, Beta software is self-updating whenever we update it. This is to ensure that it doesn’t impact your normal usage.

Although we ensure that Investar Beta stream is fully tested, Investar Beta is a test release, so you should use it only when the Beta features are absent in the release version.

Details about Custom Screener feature in latest Beta :

The latest version of Investar Beta includes the Custom Screener which is a Pro Edition feature (will be available free to all Standard users of Investar during the Beta period).

Custom Screener is currently supported for NSE, NSE F&O, BSE, MCX and NCDEX.

Initially the following indicators are supported in scans: RSI, MACD, SuperTrend, Stochastics, OHLC, Volume, OI, ADX, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku, EMA, SMA.

Download the latest Beta version now!

  • Investar Beta needs .Net Framework 4.6
  • Minimum system requirements for Investar Beta is Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.
  • For more details about system requirements of Investar Beta Read this.

New Features/Fixes in Beta Edition

FEATURE: Weekly and Monthly (1min & EOD) Custom Scans are available.

FEATURE: ZigZag Indicator - Added new pricefield 'High to Low' to show swing activity.

FEATURE: 'Crossing above/below' are now supported with min/max.

FEATURE: Preservation of Lookup settings for F&Os.

FEATURE: Daily (1min & EOD) Custom Scans are available.

FEATURE: N-times and N-% support in custom scan query.

FEATURE: Auto-SR scans support in custom scan query.

FEATURE: Max, Min operator with support for OHLCVOI. (Without chart signals).

FEATURE: Chg, Chg%, OI-Change, OI-Change%. (Without chart signals).

FEATURE: Add option to create favorite group from scan result.

FEATURE: Add feature of exporting data in Amibroker format.

FEATURE: Improve usability of “Report a problem” screen capture feature.

FEATURE: Now user can see query without going to “Edit Custom Scan” using custom Balloon Tip feature.

FEATURE: Custom Scans

FEATURE: Custom Scan Alerts

FEATURE: Custom Scan – based Buy/Sell Signals in chart

FEATURE: Enabled the functionality of MF transaction and set price alert for MF scrip(s)

FEATURE: Equity Mutual Funds – (Technical Analysis using Weekly and Monthly Charts)

CHANGE: Now user will be able to view query with Ctrl + Q on custom scan in navigation.

CHANGE: Subquery is now supported with MA indicators on both sides.

CHANGE: In Scans And Favorites, Column sequence changed as - Change OI, OI, Avg OI.

CHANGE: Improved Initial computation time of custom scan.

CHANGE: New and Improved Error Reporting with ability to automatically take a screenshot.

CHANGE: Support for "Uncheck All" in "Custom Scan" tab of "Manage Scans".

CHANGE: Now user can enter a value in the RHS with indicators like Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest, ADX, MACD, Slow Stochastics.

BUGFIX: On restart of investar, sometimes daily scans vanished.

BUGFIX: Custom Scan computation stopped under some load conditions.

BUGFIX: While selecting parameters for any indicator, only select numbers entered by user and not whole text.

BUGFIX: Selected node in Scans & Favorite Pane was getting changed on refresh.

BUGFIX: Right click menu wasn't showing on transaction when one selects Portfolio-Assets filter in portfolio.

BUGFIX: Daily (1min) custom scans were not giving proper result.

BUGFIX: OI Chg% was not calculated properly for NSEFO.

BUGFIX: Sometimes custom scans of SMA on open, high, low, vol, oi were not calculated properly.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom scan calculation did not start automatically on software start.

BUGFIX: Scan filters were not working properly sometimes.

BUGFIX: Custom Scan Alerts for F&O were not working.

BUGFIX: Fix the sort order in the symbol lookup dialog.

BUGFIX: Various Custom Scan UI fixes.

BUGFIX: New Custom Scan Query results were at times not accurate.

BUGFIX: Blank query name was allowed while creating Custom Scan.

BUGFIX: A Query having same Description as an existing one was not allowed.

BUGFIX Slow Stochastics buy/sell signals were not coming while adding the indicator as a requirement of custom scan query.

BUGFIX: Investar used to crash on start-up under some circumstances.

BUGFIX: "Clear Disk Cache" and "Clear Scan Cache" were not working in some cases.

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