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Investar Beta Edition

Based on customer feedback, Investar now has a Beta stream that is available for all paid and trial users to test out the new features that we are implementing.

Important facts about Investar Beta:

Release version can be simultaneously run with Beta (whenever possible).

Just like our main release, Beta software is self-updating whenever we update it. This is to ensure that it doesn’t impact your normal usage.

Although we ensure that Investar Beta stream is fully tested, Investar Beta is a test release, so you should use it only when the Beta features are absent in the release version.

Download the latest Beta version now!

Details of Beta Edition

FEATURE: Previous Day’s close and Current Day’s open can be displayed in chart (using Tools->Options->Chart).

FEATURE: Buy/Sell Signal Width will Increase and Decrease according to Zoom In and Zoom out.

FEATURE: Buy/Sell Signal color is now part of Chart Theme.

FEATURE: Chart Title Font size on top of the chart area can be set in Chart Theme.

FEATURE: Filter Trading Diary based on Scrip.

FEATURE: Call/Put filter can be applied on options in Symbol-Lookup.

FEATURE: Scroll chart left/right on mouse move when left button of mouse is down.

FEATURE: Introducing new chart types - Renko and Line with dots.

FEATURE: Allow User to operate portfolio from multiple machines.

FEATURE: Dedicated menu to handle stock events in portfolio. Now user will receive a Prompt to handle stock events(Bonus & Split) and they will have option to handle events automatically (No user action required all values will be calculated) and manually (User will have to enter all values manually).

FEATURE: P/L Analysis to show total profit/loss on collapsed node.

FEATURE: Import support for Prabhudas Liladhar, Religare, Prostocks pdf contract notes.

FEATURE: Enabled the functionality of MF transaction and set price alert for MF scrip(s).

FEATURE: Ctrl + Mouse Scroll up and down for zoom in and zoom out respectively.

FEATURE: Equity Mutual Funds – (Technical Analysis using Weekly and Monthly Charts).

FEATURE: Yearly timeframe charts.

FEATURE: Favorites - Move to specific scrip under particular group while scrip name typed in succession.

FEATURE: Favorites - Move to specific node of favorites group while group name typed in succession.

FEATURE: Chart theme can be accessed easily from shortcut button from toolbar.

CHANGE: While removing indicator, the associated chart area will also get removed.

CHANGE: Add/Remove Chart Area have been removed (based on change mentioned above).

CHANGE: Volume%/OPENINT% in Data Window (when SMA is added on Volume/OI).

CHANGE: Nearest Support/Resistance details (i.e. VSR1, VSS1, SR1, SS1) in Data Window for Auto-SR.

CHANGE: Default drawing font color is now Dim Gray.

CHANGE: Now user can view his ID in My subscription dialog to verify.

CHANGE: Auto-SR feature is now part of Chart View.

CHANGE: Support for different colors for different ratios in Fibonacci drawings.

CHANGE: Predefined layers for drawings are reduced to two – Intraday and D-W-M.

CHANGE: New drawings will be drawn in custom layer if it is selected as default layer and if current chart resolution is available in custom layer.

CHANGE: Auto brokerage calculation disabled by default while creating account in portfolio.

CHANGE: CSV/Excel export improved for P/L analysis, Portfolio, Scans & Favorites, Trading Diary.

CHANGE: Apply Brokerage while importing contract note as mentioned (i.e. per unit or Total) for html and pdf contract notes.

CHANGE: Now user can enable/disable Quick Start Tutorial on startup.

CHANGE: By default, Volume indicator will be added in blank Chart Area if it is available, otherwise in new Chart Area.

CHANGE: Provided support for range in PPO indicator between 1 to 200.

BUGFIX: Home and End functionality was incorrect for same chart view.

BUGFIX: While creating new theme, Edit option was disabled.

BUGFIX: Symbol Lookup window used to stay in certain cases when switching to a different application.

BUGFIX: Buy/Sell, Dividend, Split, Bonus images became a little above the chart in some cases.

BUGFIX: Trading diary CSV to import & export date in Investar supported format.

BUGFIX: Stop the zooming impact while scrollbar moved to extreme left or extreme right.

BUGFIX: Export Functionality was not working properly under some circumstances.

BUGFIX: Y-axis was getting reset when chart type was getting changed.

BUGFIX: When Y-axis scale was set to Log, comparison of charts for multiple scrips were not shown properly.

BUGFIX: When height of chart areas were changed, it was not preserved on restart or change of view.

BUGFIX: When EMA/SMA indicator was drawn on RSC indicator, it was not being drawn properly.

BUGFIX: Invalid Symbol message in chart for commodity symbol even if it is present in commodity symbol lookup dialog.

BUGFIX: Investar crashes while changing layer for drawing in EOD only addon.

BUGFIX: NSE Cont Future data was not refreshed after rollover.

BUGFIX: Sometimes showed orange status in statusbar even if all data are updated.

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