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Investar Mobile Version History

Investar Mobile(Beta) Release(3.9) (20th June 2018)

FEATURE : Added more duration and time-frames in charts :

  1. For 10-Days -> 15-Min, 30-Min, 1-Hour
  2. For 2-Months -> 1-Hour, Daily
  3. For 3-Years -> Weekly, Monthly
  4. For 5-Years -> Weekly, Monthly

FEATURE : Added 30+ chart indicators.

FEATURE : Create multiple Chart-Views(templates).

FEATURE : Added 2 new chart type :

  1. Bar chart
  2. Line With Dots

FEATURE : Now, you can set your watch-lists and Scans as “Favorites” for quick access.

CHANGE : Free users will get full access as the paid users except

  1. Indicator parameters change
  2. Chart data auto-update

CHANGE : Allowed users to login with 3-letter user-ids.

CHANGE : Improved indicator drawing

CHANGE : Major chart improvements

CHANGE : Allowing users to change duration in charts in portrait mode.

Investar Mobile(Beta) Release(2.6) (13th April 2018)

FEATURE : Provided access to multiple time-frames for each duration.

CHANGE : New User Interface provided to change time-frame for each duration in landscape mode.

CHANGE : Cursor position reset when long pressed chart menu is closed.

CHANGE : Pivot Points based Support lines color has been changed to Blue.

CHANGE : Download update UI improvements.

BUG FIX : Problem updating Pivot Points based Resistance/Support in “Scans”.

BUG FIX : Zerodha trading is working now.

BUG FIX : Changed the way we used to color Volume bar.

BUG FIX : Problem displaying OHLC box in landscape mode (rare occurrence).

BUG FIX : Not able to draw line chart for 2 candles.

BUG FIX : Not able to display Buy/Sell signals while adding indicators from Chart Menu.

BUG FIX : Improper Email notifications.

Time frames added:

  • A. For 1-Day
    • i. 1-Min, 2-Min, 3-Min, 4-Min (not allowed for user who has 5min addon for that asset)
    • ii. 5-Min, 10-Min, 15-Min, 20-Min, 30-Min, 1-Hour
  • B. For 3-Day
    • i. 5-Min, 10-Min, 15-Min, 20-Min, 30-Min, 1-Hour
  • C. For 1-Month
    • i. 1-Hour, Daily
  • D. For 6-Month
    • i. Daily, Weekly
  • E. For 1-Year
    • i. Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Investar Mobile(3.8) (Android App) (31th January 2018)

Features of full version (available with 1-min/5-min in-app purchase - subscription of 1year) for NSE stocks and F&O.

FEATURE: New Chart Theme.

FEATURE: Share Charts Option.

FEATURE: 'My Wallet' option at main drawer.

FEATURE: Check Subscription Status.

FEATURE: Added Reward mechanism for First time login.

FEATURE: Short-cut on Chart to add/delete indicator on Long-Press.

FEATURE: Add Scrip to Watch-list from Chart.

FEATURE: Move to any Watch-list/Scans from the Home Page.

CHANGE: Added 6 new scan-alert :

  1. Bullish Marubozu
  2. Bearish Marubozu
  3. Close Above VWAP
  4. Close Below VWAP
  5. Close Crossing Above VWAP
  6. Close Crossing Below VWAP.

BUGFIX: Set default watch-list feature was not working properly.

BUGFIX: Resolved Area zoom start from top left corner of the screen bug.

BUGFIX: Buy/Sell signals were not displayed on last candle.

BUGFIX: Handled some of the crash and hang scenario.

Investar Mobile(3.6) (Android App) (10th November 2017)

Features of full version (available with 1-min/5-min in-app purchase - subscription of 1year) for NSE stocks and F&O.

FEATURE: Price Alert.

CHANGE: Scan Alert gets activated on subscription of Scan Alert add-on from website.

CHANGE: Added Scan Alert for Daily(EOD).

CHANGE: Improved push notifications.

BUG FIX: Minor changes and bug fixes.

Investar Mobile(3.5) (Android App) (15th April 2017)

Features of full version (available with 1-min/5-min in-app purchase - subscription of 1year) for NSE stocks and F&O.

FEATURE: Live intraday candlestick chart updates(Stocks/FO) (1-min or 5-min, depending on the subscription type)

FEATURE: Live NSE Stocks/F&O updates

FEATURE: Unlimited watch-lists on registration

FEATURE: Buy/Sell signals


FEATURE: Zoom-in/Zoom-out features like Recent data zoom, pinch zoom, Square zoom

FEATURE: Pivot-point based resistance & support levels

FEATURE: End-of-day based scans with intraday updates (15+)

FEATURE: Push Notifications

FEATURE: Add 3 Chart areas in chartview in landscape mode

FEATURE: Trade live wherever you are ! (Trade from Investar App into your Zerodha Account)

FEATURE: Scan Alerts (Available to Mobile trial or Investar Standard Desktop Annual users with Intraday Scans)

Investar Mobile(3.1) (Android App) (6th January 2016)

Features of full version (available with 1-min/5-min in-app purchase - subscription of 1year) for NSE stocks and F&O.

FEATURE: Live intraday candlestick chart updates(Stocks/FO) (1-min or 5-min, depending on the subscription type)

FEATURE: Live NSE Stocks/F&O updates.

FEATURE: Unlimited watch-lists on registration

FEATURE: Buy/Sell signals

FEATURE: Free 7-day Investar Mobile trial

FEATURE: Help tutorial is available

FEATURE: Educational Videos

FEATURE: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

FEATURE: Investar Blog

FEATURE: Call Back option (User can request Investar to call them back for support)

CHANGE : Improvement in Watchlist Synchronization with Investar Standard

CHANGE : Menu icon is now available at the top left corner of the screen.

CHANGE : News from multiple sources.

CHANGE : Performance improvements related changes

BUG FIX: Application crash when we change device orientation from portrait to landscape.

BUG FIX: Bugs in watchlist synchronization

BUG FIX: Multiple message box show at the time of “Internet issue”

BUG FIX: Messages related to “Data issue” after-market hours

BUG FIX: Various crashing issues.

Investar Mobile(2.4) (16th September 2010)

FEATURE: Allowing users to add new favorite stock groups.

FEATURE: Real time updates of favorite stocks and charts (5 minutes real time, NSE only).

FEATURE: End of day based scans available with real time updates in intraday trial.

FEATURE: WIFI support available (May not work on some devices).

FEATURE: Clear chart cache feature added.

CHANGE : 7-day intraday feature trial is available on intraday trial activation.

CHANGE : My Stock Picks and Best Stock Picks features removed.

BUG FIX: Problem of adding a scrip after market hours solved.

BUG FIX: Bugs related to touch screen functionality solved.

BUG FIX: Problems occurring due to clear cache fixed.

Investar Mobile(1.0) (30th July 2009)

FEATURE: Shows users messages on the screen at the time of login.

CHANGE : The application (with full features) is available up to first 7-days of Trial period. It is then converted to Lite version automatically.

CHANGE : Improved performance.

BUG FIX: It now works on some models of LG and Samsung, on which Investar Mobile didn’t work properly due to left/right soft keys problem.

Investar Mobile(Beta) Minor Update(0.6.1) (21st March 2009)

CHANGE: Allowing users to add scrips in WebFavorites Group.

CHANGE: Displaying Pivot Point Support/Resistance Levels in the Home Page items.

CHANGE: Short-cuts for Menu items.

BUG FIX: Bug fix in MACD indicator.

Investar Mobile(Beta) Release(0.6) (11th February 2009)

FEATURE: Provide 3 more indicators namely RSI, Slow Stochastics and MACD.

FEATURE: Provide complete Market Overview with 6 widely tracked Indices, Top 5 Industry Gainers & Losers, Top 10                       Volume Gainers & Losers, 52 Week Highs and Lows & NSE/BSE Advances & Declines.

FEATURE: Provide synchronization of Favorite Groups created/edited using Investar Basic 2.0 with Investar Mobile and                       vice-versa.

FEATURE: Zoom-in/Zoom-out facility is included in chart.

FEATURE: Indicator Settings persist through charts of different stocks.

Investar Mobile(Beta) Minor Update (0.5.1) (21st November 2008)

CHANGE: Performance-related Improvements.

CHANGE: Support for More Mobiles.

Investar Mobile(Beta) Release(0.5) (13th Sep 2008)

FEATURE: View Candlestick and Line Charts on your mobile.

FEATURE: Show Pivot Lines, Indicators like EMA & SMA.

FEATURE: Charts are adjusted for Splits, Bonuses & Dividends and the information displayed on Chart.

BUG FIX : Showing proper Favorite stocks created using Investar Basic 2.0 and/or using our website.

BUG FIX : Updates data regularly after market close.

Investar Mobile(Beta) Release(0.4) (26th June 2008)

FEATURE: Provides Context-Sensitive Help throughout the application.

FEATURE: Provides Auto-Update facility.

BUG FIX  : Display of Favorite Stocks on Sony Ericsson mobile device is solved.

Investar Mobile(Beta) Release(0.3) (3rd April 2008)

FEATURE: Allows the user to view Favorite Stocks.

FEATURE: Support to view all of the Best Performing Active Stock Picks.

FEATURE: Support to view users published Stock Picks.

FEATURE: Support to work in Offline Mode to save time and GPRS cost.

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