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Technical & Fundamental Scans for Indian Stock Market (NSE,BSE & F&O)

Features Standard Edition
Nifty-50 Special Edition
Basic Edition
Japanese Candlestick Based Scans
- DragonFly Doji
- Bullish Engulfing
- Piercing Line
- Morning Star
- Bullish Harami
- Bullish Harami Cross
- Hammer
- Bullish Kicker
- Inverted Hammer
- Gravestone Doji
- Bearish Engulfing
- Dark Cloud Cover
- Evening Star
- Bearish Harami
- Bearish Harami Cross
- Hanging Man
- Bearish Kicker
- Shooting Star
Technical Indicator-based Scans
New Day Highs
New 5-Day Highs
New 15-Day Highs
New Day Lows
New 15-Day Lows
New 30-Day Lows
8-Week Lows
26-Week Lows
52-Week Lows
8-Week Highs
26-Week Highs
52-Week Highs
Bullish MACD Crossovers
Oversold with Improving RSI
Bullish Stochastic Oscillator Crossovers
Bullish 5/13 SMA Crossovers
Bullish 5/20 EMA Crossovers
Bullish 5/20 SMA Crossovers
Bullish 10/50 EMA Crossovers
Bullish 10/50 SMA Crossovers
Bullish 50/200 EMA Crossovers
Bullish 50/200 SMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/5-EMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/5-SMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/10-EMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/10-SMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/20-EMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/20-SMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/50-EMA Crossovers
Bullish Close/50-SMA Crossovers
Gainers on Strong Volume (> Rs 500)
Gainers on Strong Volume (> Rs 200 & <= Rs 500)
Gainers on Strong Volume (<= Rs 200)
Gainers on High Open Interest
Gapping Up
Close Above PP
Close Crossing Above PP
Close Crossing Above R1
RSI Crossing Above 50
Oversold with Improving Stochastics
Stocks nearer 52-week High
Stocks nearer 52-week Low
Gainers on strong volume
Gainers on strong volume (Last 3 bars)
MACD crossing above zero
Bullish 5/13 EMA Crossovers
New UpTrend (ADX)
New UpTrend (DI+/DI- Corssover)
New DownTrend (DI+/DI- Corssover)
Strengthen Uptrend (ADX)
SuperTrend Buy
End of trend (ADX)
Sideways trend (ADX)
Moved above upper Bollinger Band
Bullish Trix Crossovers
Trix crossing above zero
Close above and within 0.5% of 50-bar SMA
Close above and within 0.5% of 200-bar SMA
Gainers (last 3 bars)
Bullish Island Reversal
Bearish MACD Crossovers
Overbought with Declining RSI
Bearish 50/200 MA Crossovers
Bearish Stochastic Oscillator Crossovers
Bearish 5/20 EMA Crossovers
Bearish 5/20 SMA Crossovers
Bearish 10/50 EMA Crossovers
Bearish 10/50 SMA Crossovers
Bearish 50/200 EMA Crossovers
Bearish 50/200 SMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/5-EMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/5-SMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/10-EMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/10-SMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/20-EMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/20-SMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/50-EMA Crossovers
Bearish Close/50-SMA Crossovers
Losers on Strong Volume (> Rs 500)
Losers on Strong Volume (> Rs 200 & <= Rs 500)
Losers on Strong Volume (<= Rs 200)
Losers on High Open Interest
Gapping Down
Close Below PP
Close Crossing Bellow S1
Close Crossing Below PP
RSI Crossing Below 50
Overbought with Declining Stochastics
Losers on strong volume (Last 3 bars)
Losers on strong volume
MACD crossing below zero
Bearish 5/13 EMA Crossovers
Bearish 5/13 SMA Crossovers
New DownTrend (ADX)
Strengthen Downtrend (ADX)
Trix crossing below zero
Bearish Trix Crossovers
SuperTrend Sell
Moved above lower Bollinger Band
Close below and within 0.5% of 50-bar SMA
Close below and within 0.5% of 200-bar SMA
Losers (last 3 bars)
Bearish Island Reversal
Fundamental Scans
Top Dividend Givers
Stocks with Low P/E Ratios
Stocks with High P/E Ratios
Stocks with High P/S Ratios
Stocks with Low P/S Ratios
Stocks with High Sales Growth (>40%) & P/S<3
Earning Growing faster compared to P/E (PEG<1)
High Earnings Growth at a Discount
Stocks with High Sales Growth(Q-Q):
Stocks with High Sales Growth (TTM):
Stocks with High Earnings Growth (Q-Q)
Stocks with High Earnings Growth (TTM)
Stocks with High Net Profit Margin
Stocks with High Operating Profit Margin
Stocks With a Healthy ROE
Stocks with high Debt/Equity
Stocks with Zero Debt
Stocks trading below book value
Stocks with high Gross Profit Margin
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Fundamental View
F&O View
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Maximum Scrips tracked in WatchLists 500   100  
Maximum Scrips tracked per Group 500   20  
Max Portfolio Scrips in Favorite Tree Unlimited 50
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