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This series of webinars is designed for all kinds of investors, Traders (Day-Traders, Short-Term or Long-Term Traders), Brokers, Technical Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Novice Investors (Students, Housewives just getting into the market etc). We will also be having webinars for all kinds of investor experience levels from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. You should register for a webinar based on your experience and knowledge-level in order to benefit the most from it.

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Sat, 18 Mar 2017
09:30 AM IST

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Language : English
Basics of Technical Analysis
Description: We will go into all the basic concepts of Technical Analysis. All concepts will be explained using End-Of-Day and intraday charts.
The topics that will be covered in this Webinar are:
- Support & Resistance in detail (explained using SENSEX and NIFTY charts)
- Concept of Trend - Perfecting art of drawing Trendlines (explained using SENSEX & NIFTY)
- Identifying Trends (Short-Term, Intermediate, Long-Term)
- Factors Determining Strength of Trendlines
- Importance of Volume
- Types of Technical Indicators
- Using Trending Indicators (Moving Averages like EMA, SMA, Bollinger Bands)
- Using Oscillating Indicators(like RSI, MACD, Stochastics, ADX etc)
- Introduction to Japanese Candlesticks
- Relative importance of various techniques
- Basic Buying and Selling Rules
- How to avoid False Signals
- Complete Long-Term, Short-Term and Intraday Analysis of NIFTY
- Setting Targets & Stop Losses
- Using the Risk Reward Ratio
- Using Auto-Support/Resistance
- Detailed example of a scrip showing a complete Buy/Sell decision using all techniques taught in the webinar.
Presenter  : Himanshu Patil
About the Presenter : Himanshu Patil, an IITB alumnus, is the Founder and Chief Architect of Investar. He has more than 20 years of experience trading both the US and Indian Markets.He uses both Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Investing.
Duration    : 5 Hour(s)
Webinar Type  : Paid Webinar
Level  : Beginner
Prerequisite  : None.
Sat, 18 Mar 2017
05:00 PM IST

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Language : Hindi
Technical Analysis Help Session
Description: In this post-webinar FREE Help session (one session available FREE of cost to our past "Basics of Technical Analysis" and "Intermediate Technical Analysis" attendees, unlimited attendance for current Annual subscribers of Investar Standard Edition*), attendees will be able to ask specific questions on any difficulties they faced in applying Technical Analysis concepts in practice.
- Having trouble applying Technical Analysis in practice?
- Are you able to identify trends/support/resistance levels properly?
- Are you able to arrive at the right Buy/Sell decision after attending our paid Technical Analysis webinar?
- Or would you just like to share a successful Technical Analysis strategy with fellow Investar users?
This session will be held subject to a minimum of 5 attendees.
* If you register and cannot attend, please cancel the registration or inform us at least a day in advance. If you don't do that, you will lose the privilege of attending future "Technical Analysis Help Sessions".
Presenter  : Himanshu Patil
About the Presenter : Himanshu, an IITB alumnus, is the Founder and Chief Architect of Investar. He has more than 20 years of experience trading both the US and Indian Markets. He uses both Fundamental and Technical Analysis for Investing.
Duration    : 1 Hour(s)
Webinar Type  : Free Webinar
Level  : Intermediate
Prerequisite  : Basics of Technical Analysis
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