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Investar Beta Version History

Investar Beta Release (29th November 2018)


CHANGE: We will take DayHigh to calculate LTCG gain loss previously we used Close.

CHANGE: Improved S/R zone calculation.

CHANGE: Auto Trend lines are now part of Chart View.

BUGFIX: Computation was sometimes stuck in 5 min to 1 hour.

BUGFIX: When Custom Scan had a computation issue, Favorites filter was not applied properly.

BUGFIX: Auto trendline drawn in candlestick chart was displayed for a short while when changing to Renko and P&F Chart.

BUGFIX: Delvol is display Zero in Weekly,Monthly,Quarterly and Yearly.

BUGFIX: If user create layer of 75-Min timeframe, then user was not able to add new drawing.

BUGFIX: ADX query in custom scan were giving wrong result if the parameter is not equal to 14.

BUGFIX: In Inchimoku Custom Scan, RHS could not have same parameter as LHS.

BUGFIX: DayHigh/DayLow custom scans were sometimes not accurate.

Investar Beta Release (2nd November 2018)


CHANGE Improvements in Trendline ranking algorithm for Auto-Trendline feature.

BUGFIX Sometimes Auto-SR based on current cursor did not give correct results.

BUGFIX Auto-SR Zones were sometimes not characterized properly as Support or Resistance Zone.

BUGFIX Auto-Trendlines used to disappear when adding Future Bars.

BUGFIX Needed to Clear Scan Cache for updating of results.

BUGFIX Custom Scan based on Bollinger Bands and Volume does not show Buy/Sell signals.

BUGFIX Custom Scan based on Day High/Day Low were sometimes wrong.

BUGFIX SAR based Buy/Sell signals were not working for Custom Scans.

BUGFIX Date and Time for Scan Alerts were sometimes wrong.

BUGFIX Scan alerts are not properly raised when update frequency is kept as same as time frame in Multi Timeframe scans.

BUGFIX Multi Timeframe scan alerts were not raised in case of 5-min addon.

BUGFIX Sorting order based on Vol% was not preserved.

BUGFIX Sometimes a symbol’s data was not updated properly when added to Favorite Tree.

BUGFIX Sometimes creating a new query caused it to stay in the "Computing" state.

BUGFIX Backup files were not recovered properly

Investar Beta Release (16th October 2018)


FEATURE: Support to draw Auto-SR Lines based on cursor/date with freezing and unfreezing.

FEATURE: Support for Auto S/R Zones in chart.

FEATURE: Auto Trendline support in chart.

FEATURE: Custom Timeframe support in chart and custom scan with scan alerts.

FEATURE: Option to align candles to market hours in chart and custom scan.

FEATURE: Price action pattern support in custom scan.

FEATURE: Opening Range Breakout Custom Scans.

FEATURE: Nested Bracket support in custom scans to create complex conditions.

FEATURE: Sub-Query enable/disable support in custom scan.

FEATURE: Delivery Volume in chart and custom scan now available.

FEATURE: Introducing Chandelier Exit and Vortex indicator in chart and custom scan.

FEATURE: Introducing 20+ new indicators in custom scan. (DEMA, TEMA, WMA, Vortex, MFI, PSAR, Aroon, Williams%R, ForceIndex, Momentum, PROC, VROC, PPO, Chaikin Oscillator, Elliott Wave Oscillator, StochRSI, Chandelier Exit, Price Channels, Donchian Channels, %B, Typical Price, Standard Deviation)

FEATURE: Multi-select functionality in favorites

FEATURE: Scan Alert Notifications on Mobile (Supported for Investar Mobile Release and Beta).

CHANGE: New Menu for Chart timeframe and duration for better visibility.

CHANGE: Indicator names have been made more readable.

CHANGE: Add option to save Scan results in single text file.

CHANGE: Add Label in Prev day/Today OHLC lines for better visibility.

CHANGE: Add new option to remove Indicator from chart area when all chart area are full while adding new indicator.

CHANGE: Provide support for new Zerodha contract note.

CHANGE: On login Password can be saved with user id.

BUGFIX: After new query on Multi-TF, even after "All in sync" it was showing "no scans/computing".

BUGFIX: Sometimes the software took a lot of hard disk space.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Investar Beta was stuck in custom scan restart.

BUGFIX: Investar Beta used to minimize when any progress form is closed.

BUGFIX: Investar Beta crashed if custom scan query editing is done more than 300 times.

BUGFIX: Group scan alert not working when editing for cash scrip.

BUGFIX: Some add-ons were incorrectly enabled for Standard users.

Investar Beta Release (Minor) (17th August 2018)


CHANGE: Enhanced performance with reduced memory usage.

BUGFIX: DayHigh etc scans were not working in Custom Screener.

BUGFIX: Favorites Scan Filter and Multi-Timeframe Scans Timeframe were not working together.

BUGFIX: In some cases, the scans were left in “Computing State” after a new query was fired.

Investar Beta Release (27th July 2018)


FEATURE: Scan Alert Notifications on Mobile (Currently supported for Investar Mobile Beta)

FEATURE: CCI is now supported in custom scan.

FEATURE: MACD Histogram supported as a sub indicator of MACD in custom scan.

FEATURE: Add/Edit Scan Alert Criteria at group level.

FEATURE: Show Previous Day’s/Current Day’s OHLC lines

CHANGE: Multi-Tf Query will be visible only in Multi-Tf filter.

BUGFIX: Point and Figure chart was not visible properly in LimeGreenBlack theme.

BUGFIX: Point and Figure chart first candle was not drawn properly.

BUGFIX: Point and Figure chart was not drawn properly for percentage(%) style.

BUGFIX: Custom Scan Enable/Disable was not properly working in some scenarios.

BUGFIX: Scan filter second filter is not working, when we use Multi TF ( For e.g., if we keep NSE nifty, the results will come from NSE ALL. Or If we keep NSE Future and Cont1m, the results will come from NSE futures ALL.

BUGFIX: No watchlists were shown when Scan time frame set to Multi TF.

BUGFIX: Changed structure of LTCG analysis as per new LTCG rules.

BUGFIX: Once if a query is written and the user wants to change timeframe, he has to rewrite the whole query again.

Investar Beta Release (5th July 2018)


FEATURE: Point And Figure charts are now supported.

FEATURE: Multiple Timeframe custom scans and scan alerts are now supported.

FEATURE: 75 Minutes timeframe (Exact 5 candles per day will be formed.)

FEATURE: Profit/Loss Analysis now generates separate Gain/Loss as required for recent LTCG changes.

FEATURE: Support added for Bollinger Bandwidth and Avg. True Range in Indicator.

FEATURE: Day Open-High-Low scans are now supported in Price Action category.

FEATURE: Removed Pre-Session tick (9:15 am) throughout the software based on customer feedback.

FEATURE: OI chg% instead of OI% in Favorites and Favorites Pane.

FEATURE: EMA on RSI is now supported.

FEATURE: Ability to Save Scan Results in Text File.

FEATURE: Font Size of Drawing and Data Window can be changed from Chart Theme Setting.

FEATURE: Option to customize Volume bar colors added.

FEATURE: Added support for Vibrant Securities contract note.

CHANGE: New and improved Drawing Fibonnaci Extenstion instead of Price Extension.

CHANGE: Provide more option to customize Fibonacci Retracements drawing, Percentage Extensions drawing like Hide/show lines, Color, width , style.

CHANGE: Custom scan buy/sell signals on chart now supported for EMA on RSI, BBandwidth, VWAP.

CHANGE: Now, Restart is not required when user clears custom scan/ changes selected time frame/ starts the software after sleep or hibernate/ Enable or Disable custom scan.

BUGFIX: Computation was being performed unnecessary for timeframes which were not selected.

BUGFIX: Bollinger band sometime spreading when we zoom in and zoom out.

BUGFIX: Bollinger band sometime spreading when we zoom in and zoom out.

BUGFIX: Escape Key was not working in full screen chart to exit from full screen.

BUGFIX: Favorite Tree error icon for custom scan was not working in some cases.

BUGFIX: Unable to scan favorites using custom scan.

BUGFIX: Query creation UI for OI % change had some issue.

BUGFIX: Fix for HDFC-Securites in contract notes.

BUGFIX: Deleted chart view appears again after restart.

Investar Beta Release (4th May 2018)


FEATURE: Ability to exclude custom scan time-frames from computation for reduced RAM consumption and improved stability of software.

FEATURE: Supertrend and Bollinger Band now supports fractional parameters.

FEATURE: Support for VWAP indicator for custom scan.

FEATURE: Support for Pivot Points-based custom scans (in new Price Action category).

FEATURE: Support for n% and n-times for Auto S/R and Price Action for custom scan.

FEATURE: New Candlestick pattern 'Doji'.

FEATURE: Display High/Low Values of Zig-Zag indicator on chart.

FEATURE: Functionality to en-large a specific chart in multiple chart layout with Z key (or maximize button).

FEATURE: Introduced a new custom scan category known as 'Price Action'.

FEATURE: Proper display to update scans group's status in Favorites in error scenarios.

CHANGE: More precise custom scan status to let user know the current state of custom scan.

CHANGE: Removed unnecessary computation of custom scans in off-market scenarios for better user-experience.

CHANGE: Within N-bars is now calculated for exactly N bars. I.e Within 2 bars will now implies total 2 bars- current bar and 1 bar back.

CHANGE: In Chart Comparison, the values for each symbol are now displayed in Data Window.

CHANGE: Bollinger Bands indicator can be now drawn on the values of Open, High, Low, Close.

CHANGE: Improved Visibility of Auto S/R Lines values (now displayed on mouse hover).

CHANGE: Increased indicator support for n-times and n-% (e.g. n-times sma(10) of volume).

CHANGE: “Un-Check All” in Manage Scans should only be applicable to scans in visible tab.

BUGFIX: Sync scan time improved. Also helpful in case of accidental system shutdown.

BUGFIX: Computing time improved for newly added custom scan queries.

BUGFIX: Custom Scan query which contains Open Interest, was giving results in NSE exchange which is wrong.

BUGFIX: Improved performance of D-W-M custom scans.

BUGFIX: As soon as Investar started, all scans were getting vanished under some scenarios.

Investar Beta Release (28th March 2018)


FEATURE: Weekly and Monthly (1min & EOD) Custom Scans are available.

FEATURE: ZigZag Indicator - Added new pricefield 'High to Low' to show swing activity.

FEATURE: 'Crossing above/below' are now supported with min/max.

FEATURE: Preservation of Lookup settings for F&Os.

CHANGE: Now user will be able to view query with Ctrl + Q on custom scan in navigation.

CHANGE: Subquery is now supported with MA indicators on both sides.

CHANGE: In Scans And Favorites, Column sequence changed as - Change OI, OI, Avg OI.

CHANGE: Improved Initial computation time of custom scan.

BUGFIX: While selecting parameters for any indicator, only select numbers entered by user and not whole text.

BUGFIX: Selected node in Scans & Favorite Pane was getting changed on refresh.

BUGFIX: Right click menu wasn't showing on transaction when one selects Portfolio-Assets filter in portfolio.

BUGFIX: Daily (1min) custom scans were not giving proper result.

BUGFIX: OI Chg% was not calculated properly for NSEFO.

BUGFIX: Sometimes custom scans of SMA on open, high, low, vol, oi were not calculated properly.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom scan calculation did not start automatically on software start.

BUGFIX: Scan filters were not working properly sometimes.

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