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Investar - FAQs

Q.- What is Investar?

Investar is an integrated investment tool for performing Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Scans and Portfolio Management for the Indian Stock Market. End-Of-Day Version is available for NSE stocks, futures and options and MCX and NCDEX commodity futures. Intraday 1-min real-time data is available for all NSE stocks, futures and options.

Q.- I have absolutely no idea about investing. How do I get started?
Q.- I have some experience with investing. How can I benefit from Investar?
Q.- I am a day trader/swing trader. How can Investar help me?
Q.- Do I have to pay anything for trying out the Standard Edition?
Q.- Do I need to enter my Credit Card or Bank Details before trying out the Standard Edition?
Q.- Which Investar product is right for me?
Q.- What is the difference between Basic and Standard Edition?
Q.- What is Investar Beta?
Q.- What are Nifty and Nifty-50 Special Editions?
Q.- What is the difference between Standard Edition, Nifty Special Edition and Nifty-50 Special Edition?
Q.- I trade in Nifty 50 stocks only. Which edition is right for me?
Q.- I trade only in Nifty/BankNifty Futures and Options. Which edition is right for me?
Q.- You seem to have two free trials – 7-day and 15-day. Which one do I really get?
Q.- How does the 15-day Free Trial work?
Q.- How does the 7-day Free Intraday Trial work?
Q.- When does my 15-day End-Of-Day Trial start?
Q.- When does the 7-day Intraday Trial start?
Q.- Is the End-Of-Day or Intraday Trial restricted in any way?
Q.- I am interested in the Basic Edition/Nifty Edition/Nifty-50 Special Edition. Can I have a Trial of Investar Basic/Nifty Edition/Nifty-50 Special Edition?
Q.- I do not have a userid and password. What userid/password should I enter during the registration process?
Q.- I did not receive the confirmation email. How should I proceed?
Q.- Does your mobile version contain all features of the desktop version?
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