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Benefits for Traders, Technical Analysts, Brokers, Portfolio Managers, Students

For Traders, Technical Analysts, Brokers and Portfolio Managers

35+ Technical Indicators

Multiple Chart-views(templates)

Keep yourself updated as Investar Mobile has support for live NSE Stock/F&O data (5min/1min real time updates) which helps to analyze current market situation.

Now get live data for end of day based scans which keeps you updated.

Scan Alerts (Available to Mobile trial and/or Investar Standard Annual desktop users with Intraday Scans or Scan Alert add-on subscribed user through website)

Price Alerts

Live trading from Investar Mobile with Zerodha Account

Complete Market Overview with 15+ widely tracked scans like Gainers, Losers, 52 Week Highs/Lows, Volume Gainers/Losers, RSI, MAs and more

View Stock Charts for any NSE or BSE stock on your Mobile.

Get Instant Access to Pivot Support/Resistance Levels and give advice on the spot.

For Novice Investors

View Pivot/Resistance Support Levels in Mobile Stock Charts.

Get Pivot Support/Resistance Levels and make quick Intra-day Trading Decisions.

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