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Investar Mobile - FAQs

Q.-  What kinds of Mobile applications are available with Investar?

Investar Mobile is available for Android and Iphone only.

Q.-  What are the features of Android and Iphone applications?
Q.-  Is the mobile application free?
Q.-  How can I get Scan Alerts with Investar Mobile(Android) application?
Q.-  Do I have to pay for Price Alerts?
Q.-  What is the difference between Iphone and Android application?
Q.-  What is the cost of Watchlist(W/L), NSE Stocks and NSE F&O Technical Analysis addon?
Q.-  How can I pay for Investar Mobile?
Q.-  Does it require Internet connectivity?
Q.-  Is Technical Analysis addon a life-time subscription?
Q.-  I have deleted the application after purchasing. Do I have to purchase it again?
Q.-  Why am I required to register?
Q.-  I cannot track the watchlists created at Investar on Iphone application, what step is missing?
Q.-  Why is my chart not getting updated in my subscribed version of Android?
Q.-  Is there any video available about how to use Investar Mobile for Android/Iphone?
Q.-  Do I get all the features of Investar Standard on Mobile?
Q.-  I have updated the application, but when I try to open it, it does not open. What should I do?
Q.-  I have registered at the website, but not able to login in the mobile application?
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