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Congrats for developing a world class software - INVESTAR for the Indian stock market. I have been one of the early users of Investar since its beta days. I trade world markets using many other softwares and I found Investar to be the only software in India at par with the world's best. Investar made my year 2007 very rewarding and I find it useful now more than ever during the frequent whipsaws experienced in indian markets since Jan 2008. Truly indispensable for Technical Traders.

Anees Ahmed
Dubai, UAE

IT does really matter how much effort you guys have put up to make such a wonderful application providing one-to-ten features in a single application. I really appreciate your efforts for bringing out such a neat interface with all possible features and it is really a wonderful job neatly done.

Thanks and kudos,
Shreedhara C A
Wipro, Bangalore

I am very impressed by the software and will definitely try to make the best use of it by practice. Once again congratulations on your great support team and approach to email responses.


I am a first time user of Investar Standard 2.0. I have found Investar as a very powerful tool for Technical Analysis. It has helped me a lot to track the trend of the current market. I am a broker by profession and I feel a broker should be very much aware of whats happening in the market. A client is not only a client from whom we get Brokerage but he is a God to us and a medium of getting more business. Business can be generated only if I assist the Client Positively. And this Positive Assistance can be given only if I am aware of the trend in the Market. So Investar provides me all the Assistance that I need regulary and helps me to keep my client Satisfied and Happy. The cost incurred to get this Software is not that much as compared to the other TA softwares that are available. As compared to the cost, Investar comes in an attractive and reasonable package and therefore any retail investor or a Technical Analyst can afford this Software. And the results derived by using Investar are placed very well above the price. Last and not the least, Investar Team and the staff of Investar are the better guides and the after sales service which is of utmost importance is excellent. So any queries relating to the software are no big problem because I am assured that my queries will be solved by the efficient team of InvestarIndia.

I wish all the best to the team of Investar and guys keep up the good work. Take care.

Nishikant K. Hadge

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