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Investar ODIN™ Utility *

The Investar ODIN™ Utility allows a user to convert ODIN™ transaction files to the Investar prt format that is directly importable into Investar. This removes the hassle of entering transactions manually into Investar as all the user has to do is simply import the prt file generated by the ODIN™ Utility.


Spend more time trading and making money rather than entering transactions manually!

Spend just a minute everyday to import your Daily Transactions and keep track of your Portfolio in Investar. Most of our users tell us that they don’t end up using the Portfolio Manager because they have to manually enter all transactions!



Generate ODIN™ transactions file from your ODIN™ Terminal (Tools->Online Backup). If you are facing problems in generating transactions file from ODIN™ Terminal, check filters (Tools->Filters). use this utility to generate your transactions .prt file so that you can easily import it into Investar Portfolio.


Approach your broker to use this utility and provide you your transactions files in .prt format so that you can easily import it into Investar Portfolio.

* ODIN is a Trademark of Financial Technologies
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