Basics of Portfolio Allocation

In this article we will explore the basics of Portfolio Allocation. In simple words, Portfolio Allocation is how you distribute your investments across different assets like cash, mutual funds, stocks, futures, options and other assets. A person with a higher risk tolerance would invest more in stocks, futures and options while someone with low risk tolerance would invest in more income-generating mutual funds. Continue reading

Coming Soon: Investar Nifty Special Edition

Coming Soon:  A Special Edition of Investar with Nifty Futures and Options intraday and End-Of-Day charts (spot charts are included)! This edition is specially for those traders who trade ONLY in NSE Indices like Nifty, BankNifty, Minifty and Dow and S&P 500 Futures. Continue reading

Start of a new Bull Market. Are you ready?

Last week the Nifty finally closed on a weekly basis above 5400 first time in 6 months confirming the long-term uptrend. But more importantly, last week, we eliminated the possibility of a sideways trend after the end of the 14-month long-term downtrend signalled on 27th Jan, 2012.  For those who have been following our Facebook Posts, closing above 5400 on a weekly basis eliminates any possibility of a sideways trend and maintains the long-term uptrend that we have had for a few weeks now. Continue reading

Nifty broke out from sideways trend – Now what?

Although we have not been updating this blog frequently, we have been regularly posting on facebook and for those who are following us there, know that NIFTY broke out of a sideways trend on Thurs, 27th Oct, 2011, albeit on thin volume because of Muhurat Trading. On Friday, the NIFTY suddenly opened higher and closed at 5360, up almost 3%. Continue reading

Coming Soon – Composite Screener, Multi-timeframe scans & more

We will soon be releasing a new version of Investar with lots of new features. Here’s a breakdown in terms of different modules of Investar:

Screener/Scan Alerts:

  • Composite Screener (Ability to combine different pre-defined and fundamental scans).
  • 15-min, 30-min & 60-min intraday scans.
  • A new “Daily” Timeframe scan to help you find new daily highs/lows and volume gainers/losers happening in intraday.
  • 12+ more Fundamental Scans.
  • 15+ more EOD Technical Scans (ADX, Bollinger Bands etc).
  • More Intraday Scans (Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, ADX).
  • Favorite Scanning (i.e. filter scrips in your scans using your watchlist).
  • Improved Scan Alerts (with ability to filter by timeframes and persistence).
  • End-Of-Day Scan Alerts.


  • Intraday history now available for 2 months.
  • 10 more drawings (Fibonacci Extensions, Fibonacci Fans and more).
  • 3 new indicators.
  • Technical Advice based on 15-min, 30-min and 60-min timeframes.
  • Horizontal Levels for indicators.
  • Improved trendline drawing with snap-to-price extension.
  • Ability to change high/low color of bar chart.


  • Easy Multiple Client ODIN/Neat Import (for Portfolio Managers).
  • Export Portfolio Holdings, Transactions & Profit/Loss Analysis to PDF, Excel, Word and many other formats.
  • Portfolio Performance Report.


  • Printing Support.
  • And many more.

Over the next few days I will be blogging about some of the features and also holding webinars to demonstrate some of the key features that can help you improve your trading.

“Using the Investar Intraday Screener” webinar slides posted

Recently I did a FREE webinar on the best ways to use the Investar Intraday Screener. Here are the slides used in that webinar. Missed the webinar and want to attend the next one? Check out our Upcoming Webinars.
I got some good feedback on multiple timeframe scans and also suggestions for some more intraday scans. We take all our feedback very seriously, so if you have suggestions for any intraday scans or anything specific you are looking for, in the intraday screener, don’t hesitate to leave any feedback in the blog comments or the support section.

Intraday Demo Videos updated

Today we added a Hindi version of our Investar 2.0 Intraday Demo video to our website.  Please note that this video is best viewed in Full-Screen HD resolution (1280×720). When you view it in Full-Screen make sure “720p” shows up in the bottom right of the video.

The English version has also been updated to be more user-friendly. A section has been added at the end of the video to show how you can go about activating a FREE 7-day Intraday Trial.

Please let us know your feedback if any. This will immensely help improve the videos in the future.