Investar’s 2017 Year In Review…

2017 has been an extraordinary year. We have seen both, Sensex and Nifty, hitting new highs, which reverberates the power of long-term equity investing. At the beginning of 2017, nobody could have guessed how the year would eventually turn out to be.

We are passionate about building a better software that is centered on people and sustainable in the long term. Last year has passed by so incredibly quickly, largely due to just how much we’ve done! Here’s a quick recap for 2017 and a couple of insights into what’s in store for 2018!

Investar Mobile App user registration INCREASED BY 22.73% IN 2017

In terms of registration, this has been a huge year of growth for Investar Mobile App. Registration has gone up 22.73% this year taking us near the 200,000 number! Thanks to all you out there who have shown their trust in us and making our Investar App more and more popular as each day passes by.


First and foremost has to be the launch of the Investar, guided by your feedback, we worked really hard to introduce the most requested features:

  • Introducing new chart types – Renko and Line with dots.
  • Greatly improved pdf contract note support.
  • Yearly timeframe charts.
  • And much more…

We participated in FinBridgeExpo (Mumbai on 4-5 Feb), where our Founder & CEO, Himanshu Patil, gave a well-attended talk on “Support/Resistance Trading Strategies”.

He talked about the various Support/Resistance-based strategies like Fibonacci Retracements, Pivot Points, New Highs/Lows, Support/Resistance Zones etc. and how it is one of the most important techniques in Technical Analysis but is often misused or not put to full use because of the lack of a proper strategy.

We had also organized a Spin the wheel game at FinBridge booth for the visitors.

Overview 2017

Another great success this year, Investar Mobile 3.5 (link) release with many new features that make it easier to use and more reliable in April 2017. Watch the Investar Mobile App Walk-through video to get the whole idea of it.

And soon after in November 2017 with all the positive feedback from all Investar users, we launched “Investar Mobile 3.6” with Price Alerts and much more.

At Investar, our goal has always been to provide good value to our customers and we had done that with a philosophy of “pay for what you use” (as in evident in the configurable software we provide in terms of base editions and add-ons).

One of the things we’ve been really excited about throughout 2017 is our increased exposure to our audiences. For that, we had arranged “Investar Users Meetups” for all the aspiring traders and Investar users in Mumbai and Pune. We also collaborated with Mr.Hemant K Kale (Author, Mentor, Investment & Trading Guru) to provide exclusive seminars. They were aimed at arming the discerning investors and traders with effective profitable strategies.

Investar Users Meetups


Throughout 2017, we’ve continued to deliver LOW COST – HIGH IMPACT WEBINARS. This introductory webinar will help you get a high success rate by showing you how to use multiple indicators to reduce false buy/sell signals presented by Himanshu Patil. And we are expecting and hoping that trend will continue into 2018.

Another big thing coming in 2018 that we can’t wait for is the Custom Screener which is going to massively change the Investar software. This exciting feature was released yesterday in Investar Pro Beta. Here is a blog post describing it.

Looking forward to 2018

2018 is going to be another amazing year. We already have training and speaking engagements booked throughout the year. Investar 3.6 Mobile App is booming out quick and we have loads of new features lined up for 2018 releases. Our Investar Pro edition will be further enhanced with new features like Strategy Back-testing, Custom Indicators, Bar Replay etc. As usual, we plan to give free Beta access to our current subscribers, so that we get their valuable feedback and enhance our software before we do the final release!

We will continue to invest in the highest growth opportunities, innovate boldly, and empower people and organizations by creating the platforms and tools that enable others to grow and thrive, now and well into the future. We’re proud of our progress in 2017, and we are eager to make even more progress in the year ahead.

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