Investar 5.2 with Auto-Support/Resistance Add-On…

We are pleased to announce a new release of Investar, Version 5.2 with the Auto-SR addon and other features. A new video explaining the usage of the key features is available, “What’s New in Investar 5.2“. The Auto-Support/Resistance addon features are demoed in Using Auto-Support/Resistance .

All the features that were earlier in “Investar Beta” are now in “Investar 5.2”. We thank all the users who provided valuable feedback during the last Beta.

Please note: Auto-SR Support in Investar Beta will be ending next week…

Investar 5.2 with the Auto-SR addon has the following features.

  • Scans based on partial candles update on every tick
  • Support for all indicator and candlestick scans in Daily timeframe.
  • Work offline with both Intraday and EOD history
  • 4-month intraday history for 5-min and above intraday timeframes.
  • 10-day intraday history for 1,2,3-min timeframes
  • More drawing tools
  • Quarterly Timeframe
  • and many more…

Following features will be exclusively available to those purchasing the Auto-SR addon:

  • Auto-Support/Resistance Levels drawn automatically on chart (powered by AI)
  • Auto-Support/Resistance-based  Scans (Auto Support/Resistance Breakouts, Near Support/Resistance etc)– supported in all timeframes down to 1-min
  • High Risk/Reward ratio scans
  • Risk/Reward Ratio and Stop Loss on Chart

Investar, Version 5.2 with the Auto-SR addon

To understand all the above features in more detail, please download the recently conducted webinar, “Support/Resistance Strategies”. You can also view the webinar on Youtube.

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  1. I am interested in the package. I want to learn the technical analysis course from you after that I will join your purchase your product/subscribe to your paid advice

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