Investar Referral Program

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and the confidence that you have placed in Investar. As a way of saying thank you, we would like to introduce a new ‘refer and earn’ program. The Investar Referral Program allows registered Investar users to earn Subscription Credits toward future payments by referring friends to Investar.

Note: This Program is Valid through InvestarIndia Website only/-

What’s in it for you?

As a referrer, you will earn Rs. 100 when your friend registers with us and starts using Investar (i.e., logs in to Investar for the first time). If you refer someone and they go for any InvestarIndia product (Investar subscription or webinar), you will get 10% of the product cost as a cash credit which you can either encash or use it towards any future subscription.

How does it work?

Any registered Investar user can send invitation to his friend by adding him as a referral and get a chance to earn credits in their Investar Wallet. Referring user will get rewards in two types of credits.

  • Subscription Credit: This amount is not encashable. It can be used for user’s future payments to Investar for their subscription.
  • Cash Credit: This amount can be encashed once it reaches a minimum decided balance. User can also opt for using this credit towards any product or subscription provided by
  • How to Earn Referral Credits: An Investar user can earn (i) Subscription credit as soon as their referred friend starts using Investar (i.e., logs in to Investar for the first time) and (ii) Cash credit when their referred friend pays for an Investar subscription.

How it works

Step 1: To be associated with Referral Program, you have to be our customer. So we would highly recommend you to be part of InvestarIndia.

Step 2: Once you are satisfied with our software and ready to refer, please follow these steps: Login to InvestarIndia site with the ID/password and click on My Referrals as shown below.

Login and refer a friend

You can enter up to 5 email ids in a single attempt.Enter the email ids of friends you wish to invite, and click “Add”.

You can see there is 2 small dialog box with some figures.1) The amount of money that you have earned so far through the Refer A Friend program until today  and 2)  the money you have encased till date.

Please note that you cannot refer an existing user. It will show you a message like “ is already registered with investar.

Step 3: Once your added referrer is in the system successfully, you can track the status.


The status will change from “Pending” to “Joined” only if a referred friend creates a valid account with referred Email ID using the referral link sent in their invites.

Step 4: To track your claim, click on the My Wallet tab on the left. You would be able to see your account balance and summary of your recent My Wallet transactions.


Please note: Your referral links are valid for a period of 30 days from the time you share them. As long as a referred friend joins InvestarIndia through your link, and successfully logs in to Investar, you will receive a referral bonus in your wallet.

How to encash Cash Credit

A cash credit can be encashed once it has reached a minimum value of Rs. 5000. In order to receive the cash credit, a user needs to fill up and submit his/her details on the claim form. 10% TDS will be deducted from the claimed amount before payment to the user. The amount will be encashable only in INR.

After clicking Claim You Cash, the user will be redirected to Encash Your Wallet Balance page(shown below). You just need to fill up all the details and encash your cash credit.

Encash Your Wallet Balance

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