“Using the Investar Intraday Screener” webinar slides posted

Recently I did a FREE webinar on the best ways to use the Investar Intraday Screener. Here are the slides used in that webinar. Missed the webinar and want to attend the next one? Check out our Upcoming Webinars.
I got some good feedback on multiple timeframe scans and also suggestions for some more intraday scans. We take all our feedback very seriously, so if you have suggestions for any intraday scans or anything specific you are looking for, in the intraday screener, don’t hesitate to leave any feedback in the blog comments or the support section.

Setting Scan Alerts in Investar 2.0

Some of our users have been having some confusion about how to go about setting Scan Alerts in our recently released Investar 2.0. I thought of demonstrating how to do that using this short Youtube video.

Intraday Scan Alerts and Intraday Screener are invaluable to the Intraday/Swing Trader because by using together, one can come up with good intraday/short-term trading ideas! Enjoy and don’t forget to leave any feedback you have about the video or the feature.

Intraday Demo Videos updated

Today we added a Hindi version of our Investar 2.0 Intraday Demo video to our website.  Please note that this video is best viewed in Full-Screen HD resolution (1280×720). When you view it in Full-Screen make sure “720p” shows up in the bottom right of the video.

The English version has also been updated to be more user-friendly. A section has been added at the end of the video to show how you can go about activating a FREE 7-day Intraday Trial.

Please let us know your feedback if any. This will immensely help improve the videos in the future.

Investar Goes LIVE!

We released Investar 2.0 today with the following features:

  • LIVE Intraday Charts
  • LIVE Intraday Expert Advisor
  • LIVE Intraday Screener
  • LIVE Intraday Bullish/Bearish Scan Alerts
  • LIVE Update of Portfolio
  • 5-min real-time updates for all NSE Stocks

Check out a Quick Intraday Demo (Duration: 10-min) to quickly get started! Or view Detailed Web-based LIVE Market Training to find out how it can help you find intraday trading ideas.

We know a lot of you have been waiting very patiently for this release, and sincerely hope that this version helps you achieve even better trading success in the months to come!