All you wanted to know about: Muhurat Trading

For the Indian stock markets, Diwali represents the foremost auspicious time of the year. With festivities within the air, there’s additionally hope and aspiration for a lot of robust and more profitable year ahead. To confirm that this aspiration will become actual reality, Indian stock markets celebrate a time worthy tradition – the Muhurat trading.

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Investar Streamer now available in Nokia OVI Store

Do you own a Nokia smartphone? Do you want to keep track of your NSE stocks on the move. Then take a look at our Investar Streamer now available in the OVI Store. Here are its features:

  • Maintain multiple watchlists
  • Stock Prices auto-refresh every 5 mins.
  • Watchlist persistence (i.e. Watchlists persist across application restarts).

Not sure if it is the right app for you? Try our FREE version first and then decide if you want to go for it. For a limited time, Investar Streamer is available for Rs 25 for one year in the Indian sub-continent ($0.99 in US, 1 pound in UK etc).

“Using the Investar Intraday Screener” webinar slides posted

Recently I did a FREE webinar on the best ways to use the Investar Intraday Screener. Here are the slides used in that webinar. Missed the webinar and want to attend the next one? Check out our Upcoming Webinars.
I got some good feedback on multiple timeframe scans and also suggestions for some more intraday scans. We take all our feedback very seriously, so if you have suggestions for any intraday scans or anything specific you are looking for, in the intraday screener, don’t hesitate to leave any feedback in the blog comments or the support section.