New Release of Investar!

We are pleased to announce a new release of Investar 2.0 with 15-min,30-min and 1-hour timeframe scans, Composite Screener, many new Fundamental and Technical Scans (both intraday and EOD, based on ADX, Bollinger Bands, TRIX and Stochastics).

If you are already using Investar, no need to re-install, simply re-start the software and it will auto-update.

We would soon be putting new training content on our site and blog to cover the many new features announced. Meanwhile, the best way to get familiarized with the new features would be to go through the QuickStart Tutorial in the software. (You can access it any time by pressing the F1 key after starting the application). This Quick 2-min video shows you how to access the QuickStart Tutorial:

Please note that we have also revised the pricing for the Intraday Screener Add-On. For details see Pricing Plans section. For a limited time, our Annual Edition will be available for the same price.

Importing Multiple Contract Notes using Investar

At Investar, we have always tried to make life easy for our end-users and in that spirit, we have been working on a feature called “Multiple Contract Note Import” for our Portfolio Manager.

This feature makes it very easy to import multiple contract notes (a 1000 transactions can be imported in less than 20 secs) from a broker in one shot. We introduced this feature in the version released on 19th Nov, 2010. The following video demonstrates how to use it.

If you like the feature and would like support for your broker, you can request it in our Broker Import section.