GST and its impact on stocks

The most significant tax reform of India, i.e., the GST or Goods and Services Tax, will eventually become a reality from 1st July 2017. The Lok Sabha passed on 4 significant legislations to introduce a nationwide Goods and Services Tax (GST) bringing India nearer to a uniform tax dominion and while putting an ending uncertainty which is positive for markets.

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Identifying Growth Stocks

Indian markets have witnessed a sideways long-term trend for a long time now. No one knows when a long-term bull market will start; but one thing is certain, its going to happen sometime or the other. In the current scenario, the market will signal the start of a long  term bull market when it emphatically makes a new high and surges ahead (hopefully after the a decisive 2014 elections). Start of Bull Markets are a good time to hunt for long-term winners. But, when a new bull market starts, how do you ensure that you have a list of stocks that can be multi-baggers? Continue reading

Fundamental or Technical Analysis – Which one should you use?

Often times, beginners to stock market analysis wonder which technique is more suitable for trading/investing. This article is a guide for choosing between one or both. To understand which technique you should chose, you need to understand what each one is all about first. Continue reading