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Indian Stock Market Software - Investar  

Investar Beta Edition

Based on customer feedback, Investar now has a Beta stream that is available for all paid and trial users to test out the new features that we are implementing.

Important facts about Investar Beta:

Release version can be simultaneously run with Beta (whenever possible).

Just like our main release, Beta software is self-updating whenever we update it. This is to ensure that it doesn’t impact your normal usage.

Although we ensure that Investar Beta stream is fully tested, Investar Beta is a test release, so you should use it only when the Beta features are absent in the release version .

At times, some advanced features in Beta may be provided free of cost to users of certain Investar editions or addons (e.g. Mutual Funds/Auto-Harmonic Pattern)

Download the latest Beta version now!

  • Investar Beta needs .Net Framework 4.6
  • Minimum system requirements for Investar Beta is Windows 7 with Service Pack 1.
  • For more details about system requirements of Investar Beta Read this.

New Features/Fixes in Beta Edition

FEATURE: Added New Harmonic Patterns In Chart as well as in Custom Scan.

FEATURE: Added “Any Bullish” and “Any Bearish” Harmonic Patterns in Custom Scan.

FEATURE: Added PR Zones of Harmonic Patterns.

FEATURE: Added Partial Harmonic Patterns to show Harmonic Patterns that can potentially complete in future.

FEATURE: Option to “Remove Drawing from Layer(s)”.

FEATURE: Show Call and Put Chart simultaneously when you click on StrikePrice in Option Chain.

FEATURE: XML contract note support for Zerodha.

FEATURE: Show Chart option in Profit-Loss Analysis Pane and Portfolio Pane by right click on scrip name.

FEATURE: Only Buyers/Sellers in predefined scans.

FEATURE: New Indicator (Anchored VWAP).

FEATURE: Buy/Sell signal shortcut on left click of custom scan.

FEATURE: Auto Harmonic Pattern Scans are now available.

FEATURE: Support for Color, thickness and dashedness for Auto Trend lines.

FEATURE: Support color, thickness and dashed-ness for Auto-Divergence lines.

FEATURE: Support color for Auto-SR zones.

FEATURE: "Slide Show" is now available for all Fav groups, (normal, index, industry or others).

FEATURE: Contract note Support of Fortune Trading Corporation and RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd.

FEATURE: Support for AND, OR in multiple timeframe query.

FEATURE: Support for nested brackets in multiple timeframe query.

FEATURE: Support for custom timeframes in multi timeframe query in IQL.

FEATURE: Dynamic updation of NSE & BSE Indices.

FEATURE: Support to change priority of timeframe group.

FEATURE: Support for Mutual Fund scans and its alerts.

FEATURE: Support for Auto Divergence scans in Custom Screener.

FEATURE: Support for Auto Harmonic Pattern.

FEATURE: Support to create custom timeframe layer for drawings.

FEATURE: Support Supertrend and EMA crossover with VWAP in custom scan.

FEATURE: Values in Favorite Tree and Favorite pane will update according to scan advisor timeframe for user defined favorite view.

FEATURE: A way of comparing BB band and Ichimoku in custom screener.

FEATURE: New UI look & feel for Software.

FEATURE: Now user can sort groups in favorites using group type.

FEATURE: Spread Chart is supported for minus operation for F&O in charts and favorites.

FEATURE: Keyboard shortcut for full screen (F11).

FEATURE: New Drawings 1) Arc 2) Cypher Pattern.

FEATURE: Support for Aroon,Awesome Oscillator,VMAP,WMA,OI Change %, Day Vol, Opening Range, Open Interest in user-defined Favorite View.

CHANGE: Added option to change width and style of Harmonic Patterns.

CHANGE: Added option to not show ABCD patterns overlapping with XABCD.

CHANGE: Color for all Bullish and Bearish Harmonic patterns are same.

CHANGE: Enhanced Right-Click menu for Auto-Harmonic Patterns.

CHANGE: Added Open Interest as bar chart rather than line chart (To add a line chart, just add SMA(1) and set color of bars to hide them).

CHANGE: Option Chain UI Improvements (including OIChge%).

CHANGE: Instead of 15 days EOD trial, now we will give only 7 days trial.

CHANGE: EOD and Intraday trial start at the same time.

CHANGE: User subscribed for MF addon will get MF.

CHANGE: Custom TF and Multi-TF scans filter setting will be different for different exchanges.

CHANGE: Auto SRT based on current cursor, Enable/Disable Auto SR Zones, Auto Harmonic Pattern based on current cursor is now part of Chart View.

CHANGE: Backup Porfolio right click options available for Portfolio and Portfolio Account.

CHANGE: Custom timeframes were not shown in RR configuration.

CHANGE: Support Show chart options in Portfolio by right click on portfolio scrip name.

CHANGE: "Show Industry Comparison" menu should be enabled when in Chart Pane and Fundamentals Pane.

CHANGE: New Index categorization based on priority.

CHANGE: Scan alerts: Cursor will be preserved on latest alert.

CHANGE: NSE and NSEFO EOD will be done independently.

CHANGE: Advances and Declines in market overview pane will be updated according to user's data addon.

CHANGE: Divergence will be calculated only for 60 bars.

CHANGE: Support for NR7 pattern upto 1 bar back.

CHANGE: UI for create/edit layer for drawing.

CHANGE: Added total as footer instead of row in MarketPane FII-DII.

CHANGE: Added labels in Auto SR Zone for better readablity.

CHANGE: Extended line for Auto trendline now has a different line type for better understanding.

CHANGE: Tools-options dialog size changed for better visibility of tabs.

CHANGE: Auto-drawings should not be move-able after making permanent.

CHANGE: In stop loss for short term minimum is 5% it should be editable for values less than 5(same is for long term).

CHANGE: Improved Auto-SR and Auto-SR Zone algorithm to show more SR lines and zones in intraday timeframes.

CHANGE: Alphabetical Sorting is turned back on in Favorite groups.

BUGFIX: Some time Favorite Tree and all scans were disappeared after clear scan cache.

BUGFIX: Scrips were sometimes not getting preserved in the favorite group.

BUGFIX: Sometimes the chart layout got corrupted.

BUGFIX: Change% and Vortex based custom scan for “n bars back” automcatically got changed to “current bar”.

BUGFIX: Trial used user is not able to login after giving Trial manually from the website.

BUGFIX: When init is going on and custom scan EOD happens then in this case EOD scans become no scans.

BUGFIX: Custom scan parameter gets changed automatically for scan based on slow stochastic.

BUGFIX: At times, Vwap crossing above/below supertrend gave wrong results in custom scan.

BUGFIX: PriceChan indicator is not supported in pure IQL.

BUGFIX: Custom scan status remains In sync after EOD of both exchange completes.

BUGFIX: Unable to change thickness of PVO Histogram.

BUGFIX: For ohlc bar type chart, the ohlc bar should be colored green if close > prev_close and red if close < prev_close.

BUGFIX: When DayOpen was included in Custom Scan, Buy/Sell signals were not displayed.

BUGFIX: Sometimes NSE and NSEFO EOD custom scan gives 'No Scans'.

BUGFIX: Sometimes the software crashed when switching layouts.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom scan based buy/sell signals were not showing on chart.

BUGFIX: LRC Indicator is not getting plotted properly on charts.

BUGFIX: At times, the Auto-Divergence scans contained some wrong scrips.

BUGFIX: Chart scrips automatically changed when user visited any Fav Group.

BUGFIX: Chart view name is not saved correctly after the maximum chart view limit exceeds.

BUGFIX: No Multi TF scans available was displayed in status bar even though there are scan results present.

BUGFIX: Scrip sorting is not working properly in Scan and Fav right pane.

BUGFIX: Import transaction button in portfolio toolbar was not showing pdf and html options.

BUGFIX: Portfolio group is not working in multiple groups functionality of Favorite scan filter.

BUGFIX: Auto SR options and chart type icon were disabled even after removing comparison.

BUGFIX: Ann EPS Gr% and Ann Sales Gr% values are not displayed properly in excel file when exported through a custom fav view.

BUGFIX: Sometimes due to Chart settings, Investar Beta got crashed.

BUGFIX: Spread chart does not update automatically.

BUGFIX: Donchian channel in custom scan were not working sometimes.

BUGFIX: Heikenashi-Doji pattern in custom scan were not working.

BUGFIX: PDF export of Portfolio was not working properly.

BUGFIX: Support of DayVolume in IQL.

BUGFIX: FOR N BARS in custom scan was not working properly.

BUGFIX: Custom scans for custom timeframe didn't work when scan filter is on favorites.

BUGFIX: Auto Harmonic patterns custom scan were not working properly.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom Scan stays in Computing for 5 min Base Addon users.

BUGFIX: Daily - EOD custom scans were not working if the user has not purchased the intraday screener.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom scan stays in Computing stage in the favorite tree.

BUGFIX: Vortex is not supported in IQL.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom Scan status did not refresh.

BUGFIX: Bollinger Band in IQL was not working properly.

BUGFIX: In DMA, positive displacement was not working as expected.

BUGFIX: Chart in multiple windows was not getting printed properly.

BUGFIX: Unable to change the thickness of PVO Histogram.

BUGFIX: Donchian channels based custom scans were giving some wrong results.

BUGFIX: Filter criteria in composite scan did not persist.

BUGFIX: Software used to gets hanged for some seconds every time after saving a custom scan.

BUGFIX: Scan alerts are not raised for some of the time frames.

BUGFIX: Fixed Hdfc contract note import.

BUGFIX: RSI followed by supertrend showed computing in navigation pane with same as tf update frequency.

BUGFIX: At times, Custom scan is in computing stage in navigation pane even the computation is done.

BUGFIX: Custom Timeframe is now supported in IQL.

BUGFIX: Sometimes weekly and monthly scan of EOD only exchanges shows no scans.

BUGFIX: Multiple timeframe custom scan not working properly in EOD Addon.

BUGFIX: Sometimes custom scans do not start computing on restart of tool.

BUGFIX: The name column was not resizable.

BUGFIX: Until not refreshed(The fav tree), the scripts when moved from one folder are not seen in the destination group.

BUGFIX: Edit/Delete scan option was not visible in Manage Custom scan in some resolutions.

BUGFIX: Adx based scan used to get changed when converted into IQL and then back to IEL in BETA.

BUGFIX: n-times and n% was not supported in IQL with VWAP.

BUGFIX: In some resolutions chart used to get exported partially.

BUGFIX: For Daily EOD scan, multi-tf scan alerts used to raise on every minute.

BUGFIX: Cursor not preserved when moving back from one window layout to multiple window layout.

BUGFIX: Application sometimes crashed on editing indicator.

BUGFIX: Remove all buy/sell signals option did not remove custom scan based signals.

BUGFIX: Linear Regression Channel indicator - StdDev values may not be correct and colors are getting switched.

BUGFIX: Too much time taken in syncing scans.

BUGFIX: Sometimes from 5min to monthly got no scans after restarting tool.

BUGFIX: Sometimes tool got crashed when user changed exchange in scan advisor.

BUGFIX: Sometimes all custom scans are stuck in "Computing" in case of pure IQL query.

BUGFIX: Unable to filter period in trading diary.

BUGFIX: Wrong scan results for multi tf scans based on RSI.

BUGFIX: Unable to remove favorite groups from the slideshow tab.

BUGFIX: Issue with sorting based on Vol% in Home Pane.

BUGFIX: Under certain cases, unable to remove scan condition from composite scan.

BUGFIX: If NSE F&O is selected in lookup menu when software is restarted this setting is not preserved.

BUGFIX: Beta sometimes crashed when clicking on Vol% sort option.

BUGFIX: Corrected some calculation issues in LTCG P/L analysis.

BUGFIX: Stock Rating menu was sometimes disabled in favorites.

BUGFIX: Blank Space is added on creating New chart View.

BUGFIX: Basic Edition MACD indicators vanished on restart. (Customer issue).

BUGFIX: Indicators gets disappeared automatically from the first area in Basic Edition.

BUGFIX: In some cases, Scan Alerts are raised incorrectly for Custom time-frames with Partial frequency.

BUGFIX: Trading Diary period filter was not working.

BUGFIX: Drawings in higher time frame (M-W-Q-Y) were not preserved.

BUGFIX: At times, Indicators vanished in Basic edition.

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