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Pricing FAQs

  • How does the 7-day Free Intraday Trial work?
  • Once you download Investar Pro, you will get an option to activate the 7-day Free Intraday trial by following a simple intraday activation procedure, which requires you to enter a valid mobile number where a 5-digit intraday activation code is sent to your mobile. The 7-day Intraday Trial is a trial of the full-featured version of Investar Pro (including all addons) with intraday 1-min real-time data for all NSE stocks, futures and options and End-Of-Day data for NSE, BSE, NSE F&O, MCX, NCDEX.
  • What if I only want to use the End-Of-Day version?
  • You can call our support number at the top right of this page, to activate the End-Of-Day Trial for the remaining part of your trial as required.
  • When does the 7-day Intraday Trial start?
  • The 7-day Intraday Trial will start immediately on providing the activation code when asked for it in the software. You may have to re-login to the software after the intraday activation.
  • Is the End-Of-Day or Intraday Trial restricted in any way?
  • No. The 7-day Intraday Trial is a trial of the full-featured version of Investar Pro (including all addons) with intraday 1-min real-time data for all NSE stocks, futures and options and End-Of-Day data for NSE, BSE, NSE F&O, MCX, NCDEX.
  • Can I try out the Basic Edition/Standard Edition/Nifty Edition/Nifty-50 Special Edition.
  • We only provide a one-time 7-day Free Trial of the highest paid edition which is currently the Pro Edition. This allows you as a first-time Investar user to try out a complete full-featured edition to enable you to make a proper decision about which Edition to go for at the end of the trial. You can decide on which Edition to pick by viewing a more detailed Feature Comparison of the two editions.
  • Do I get a 7-day free trial if I upgrade from Lite plan to a Paid Plan at a later date?
  • If you upgrade from the Lite Edition to any paid plan (e.g.) Basic, Standard or Pro Edition, you are not eligible for the 7-day Free Trial. The 7-day Free Trial on paid plans only applies if you sign up for a free trial now.
  • Which plan is better – Month, Quarter or Annual?
  • It depends on you. When you sign up for the Annual Plan, you get a discount for paying in advance. However, if you need more time to evaluate the software or would rather pay a smaller amount, you may want to go for a plan with a shorter period – Month or Quarter (3 months). The benefit with going with an Annual Plan is that you get Free 5 hours of Basics of Technical Analysis” webinar (Rs 2000 value) + sessions1.5 hr Live Session which is a practical session applying the concepts on the current market.
  • I am an NRI. Can I avail of these prices?
  • No. These rates are only available to customers permanently residing in the Indian Subcontinent. Moreover we are required to collect 18% goods and service tax from customers resident in India, hence the rates are different. We offer different payment plans to customers residing outside India. For more information, please contact us. (
  • What types of payment do you accept?
  • We accept the following modes of payment:
    1. Online payments using CCAvenue payment gateway. The following payment modes are supported by CCAvenue:
      a. Pay By Credit Card
      b. Pay By ATM-cum-DEBIT CARD
      c. Pay Using Your Internet Enabled Bank Account
      d. PayTM
      e. Pay by PayMate(Mobile payment)
      f. Pay by ITZ CASH CARDS
    2. Payments made directly to our ICICI Bank Account (These do not have any surcharge):
      a. Online Bank Transfer (NEFT)
      b. Online Bank Transfer (RTGS)
      c. Local Cheque Deposit
      d. Cash Deposit
      e. Demand Draft
  • Can I pay a one Month subscription with a Credit Card?
  • Yes. In fact, you can pay for any subscription with a Credit Card, whether it is a one Month, one Quarter or one Year. In fact you can also pay for Webinar and Investar Mobile subscription by Credit Card.
  • Can I pay for an Investar Mobile subscription with a Credit Card?
  • Yes.
  • When will my subscription be activated after payment?
  • If you pay by CCAvenue, your subscription should be activated as soon as your payment is approved by CCAvenue, which in most cases is immediate. If you pay by any other Direct Payment Options (like Cheque, DD, Online Bank Transfer etc), please allow 24 hours in addition to the time required for transferring the money to our Bank Account to activate your Subscription. As soon as we receive the payment, we will activate your subscription and you should receive an email confirmation along with an SMS indicating so. After that time you can login to your account on and view the Activation Status in the Manage Subscriptions page. If your payment has been successfully processed, you should see your Subscription Expiry Date extended according to the plan that you paid for.
  • Where can we review your terms of service and privacy policies?
  • Here are our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.
  • When I pay by Credit Card, is my Credit Card information secure?
  • Credit Card payments are done through a Third-Party secure payment gateway provided by CCAvenue. As soon as you enter the payment process, every bit of information that is transferred between you and CCAvenue is encrypted using SSL encryption. Even if data could be intercepted over the Internet it would be useless

Investar Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • What is your Refund Policy?
  • We currently do not provide any Refunds for cancellation to customers from the Indian Sub-continent.
  • Can I cancel the Annual Subscription?
  • We currently do not accept cancellations for the Annual Plan for subscribers from the Indian Sub-continent. Even after the 7-day free trial, if you are not sure whether you want to commit for an Annual Plan, we would recommend that you go ahead with a Quarterly Plan and only after you are fully satisfied with our Product, go for an Annual Plan to avail of the discount offered.

Mobile Pricing FAQs

  • Can I try Investar Mobile before going for a subscription?
  • Yes, one can download our android app from Google Play store/ Apple store and get all the basic features mentioned there as free. However, in order to get full-fledged features, user can activate a free 7-day trial. It enables NSE Cash/F&O 1min, Pro TA add-on, Scan alerts, Auto-Support/Resistance/Trendlines, 15years of historical charts and so on.
  • What are the restrictions in the Lite Version?
  • In the free/lite version NSE Cash and F&O data updates 5min real-time in watch-list and End of Day Scans, Charts are available for Daily, weekly and monthly time-frames with 5min real-time updates only. No access to premium features like Pro TA addon, Scan Alerts, Auto Support/Resistance and Trendline. For more details, please go through the description at Google Play Store.
  • What are the features of Pro TA addon?
  • Pro TA addon unlocks the features like access to Advance Indicators, Update Indicator parameters, enables access to 7/10/15 years chart history, and EOD scan alerts.
  • What is the cost of Investar Mobile?
  • One can purchase various addons like Pro TA, NSE Cash 1min/5min, NSE F&O 1min/5min, Auto-Support/Resistance/Trendline, Scan Alerts for the duration of 1month/1year(from website). Please refer to the pricing section of the website. From the android app, one can purchase either through Google Play In-app purchase, or through our website
  • What do I get with the subscription of all the addons for Investar Mobile?
  • With full subscription, we provide Unilimited watchlists, Price/Scan Alerts, Auto-Support/Resistance/Trendlines, NSE cash 1min, NSE F&O 1min, Watch-list synchronization with Investar Desktop version, Charts with 1min real-time live updates, Place Order for Zerodha, chart history for 15years and much more.
  • I have an Android Tablet or an Ipad. Is the subscription prices different than smart phone/iphone with smaller screen?
  • The prices are similar for all the addons across device types except Pro TA addon. Please refer to the pricing section from the app or visit the pricing section of our website.
  • How to subscribe to Investar Mobile?
  • (1) You can visit the website’s pricing section to purchase monthly or annual plans.
    (2) Alternatively, you can also purchase from within the app through Google Play In-app purchase mechanism or through website. Goto Menu > Subscribe Products > Select “Google Play Sore” or “Website”. The same option is also available for our iOS app
  • Is it possible to cancel my subscription after payment?
  • No, as of now you cannot cancel the subscription after payment.
  • I have taken a free 7-day Trial, but it is still not activated. What should I do?
  • Please contact Investar Support. Open the app, Menu > Report Feedback( )
  • I have purchased the application, but my subscription is still not activated. What should I do?
  • Please feel free to contact us from “Report Feedback” or “Contact Us” section of our application. Alternatively, please contact us at the below mentioned mobile no: Support : 97250-10402
  • Is the iphone app similar to Android app?
  • Yes, as of now, the iphone app is similar to Android app. But please note that new features may update first on Android platform and then on iOS. So maybe, sometimes you may find any new feature not available on one of the platforms for sometime.
  • I want to use iPhone/iPad instead of android device? Will I be able to get access to all the features or subscription on iOS.
  • Yes.
  • What is Pro TA addon?
  • With Pro TA addon, you get access to advanced indicators, 15years of chart duration, edit indicator parameters and important technical analysis features.
  • Are the features of Android and iOS app same?
  • Yes, as of now, the features of both the app version are some. But, please note that new features are first added to Android app and then to iOS.
  • What can I subscribe with Investar Mobile App?
  • You can subscribe to the following add-ons:
    (1) Pro-TA add-on (Enables technical analysis features on charts)
    (2) NSE Cash (1min/5min)
    (3) NSE F&O (1min/5min)
    (4) Auto-Support/Resistance/Trendlines (AI based)
    (5) Scan Alerts
  • If I have subscribed for Android, can I use the same log in credentials for iOS app or vice-versa?
  • Yes, you can.