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Best Stock Charting Software + Free Technical Analysis Training = Upto 83% Success Rate

Investar Stock Charting Software comes with Free Technical Analysis Training to ensure you learn to perform Trend Analysis and Support/Resistance Analysis to perfect your Buy and Sell timing to get an Upto 83% success rate. Perform Stock Charting on all scrips traded on NSE, BSE, NSE F&O, MCX and NCDEX. Optimize your F&O Buy/Sell Decisions with Stock Charting of all NSE Futures and Options. Use in-built Expert Technical Advisor to get Technical Advice based on the most popular Technical Indicators. See all Stock Charting Software Features in more detail.

Find out more accurate targets and stop-losses just like an expert Technical Analyst, using our proprietory Auto-Support/Resistance and Auto-Supply/Demand Zones (powered by AI). Identify trends and divergences easily using our Auto-Trendline and Auto-Divergence (powered by AI) tools.

Stock Charting Software

  • Support for Stock Charting of BSE,NSE,F&O,MCX,NCDEX.
  • Auto-Support/Resistance with Breakout Scans (powered by AI).
  • Auto-Supply/Demand Zones with Breakout Scans (powered by AI).
  • Auto-Trendlines and Auto-Divergence (powered by AI).
  • Automatic Buy/Sell Signals in Charts.
  • Auto-updating Intraday and End-Of-Day Market Data.
  • 65+ Powerful Technical Indicators with 35+ Technical Drawings.
  • Bonuses, Splits & Dividends adjusted & displayed on Charts.
  • Expert Technical Advisor for novice investors.
  • Save frequently used Chart Settings in Chart Views & Layouts.
  • Time-saving Slide Show mode and Synchronization Modes.