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Investar Version History

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FEATURE: Introducing new Mutual Fund addon with scans and alerts.

FEATURE: Support for complex multiple timeframe query with AND, OR and nested brackets.

FEATURE: Support for Auto Divergence scans in Custom Screener.

FEATURE: Only Buyers/Sellers in predefined scans.

FEATURE: Support for all Broad-based, Sectoral and Thematic NSE & BSE Indices.

FEATURE: New Drawings 1) Arc 2) Cypher Pattern.

FEATURE: Support Supertrend and EMA crossover with VWAP in custom scan.

FEATURE: XML contract note support for Zerodha.

FEATURE: Show Chart option in Profit-Loss Analysis Pane and Portfolio Pane by right click on scrip name.

FEATURE: New Indicator Anchored VWAP.

FEATURE: Buy/Sell signal shortcut on left click of custom scan.

FEATURE: Support for Color, thickness and dashedness for Auto Trend lines.

FEATURE: Support color, thickness and dashed-ness for Auto-Divergence lines.

FEATURE: Support color for Auto-SR zones.

FEATURE: "Slide Show" is now available for all Fav groups, (normal, index, industry or others).

FEATURE: Contract note Support of Fortune Trading Corporation and RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd.

FEATURE: Support for custom timeframes in multi timeframe query in IQL.

FEATURE: Support to change priority of timeframe group.

FEATURE: Values in Favorite Tree and Favorite pane will update according to scan advisor timeframe for user defined favorite view.

FEATURE: A way of comparing Bollinger Bands and and Ichimoku in custom screener.

FEATURE: New UI look & feel for Software.

FEATURE: Now user can sort groups in favorites using group type.

FEATURE: Spread Chart is supported for minus operation for F&O in charts and favorites.

FEATURE: Keyboard shortcut for full screen (F11).

FEATURE: Support for Aroon, Awesome Oscillator, VMAP, WMA, OI Change %, Day Vol, Opening Range, Open Interest in user-defined Favorite View.

FEATURE: Support to create custom timeframe layer for drawings.

FEATURE: NSE and NSEFO EOD will be done independently.

CHANGE: Advances and Declines in Market Overview pane will be updated according to user's data addon.

CHANGE: Divergence will be calculated only for 60 candles by default.

CHANGE: UI for create/edit layer for drawing.

CHANGE: Added total as footer instead of row in MarketPane FII-DII.

CHANGE: Added labels in Auto SR Zone for better readablity.

CHANGE: Extended line for Auto trendline now has a different line type for better understanding.

CHANGE: Tools-options dialog size changed for better visibility of tabs.

CHANGE: Auto-drawings should not be move-able after making permanent.

CHANGE: In stop loss for short term minimum is 5% it should be editable for values less than 5(same is for long term).

CHANGE: Improved Auto-SR and Auto-SR Zone algorithm to show more SR lines and zones in intraday timeframes.

CHANGE: Custom TF and Multi-TF scans filter setting will be different for different exchanges.

CHANGE: Auto SRT based on current cursor, Enable/Disable Auto SR Zones, Auto Harmonic Pattern based on current cursor is now part of Chart View.

CHANGE: Backup Porfolio right click options available for Portfolio and Portfolio Account.

CHANGE: Custom timeframes were not shown in RR configuration.

CHANGE: Support "Show chart" option in Portfolio by right click on portfolio scrip name.

CHANGE: "Show Industry Comparison" menu should be enabled when in Chart Pane and Fundamentals Pane.

CHANGE: New Index categorization based on priority.

CHANGE: Scan alerts: Cursor will be preserved on latest alert.

BUGFIX: Spread chart does not update automatically.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom Scan stays in Computing for 5 min Base Addon users.

BUGFIX: Daily - EOD custom scans were not working if the user has not purchased the intraday screener.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Custom Scan status did not refresh.

BUGFIX: Filter criteria in composite scan did not persist.

BUGFIX: Software sometimes would get hanged for some seconds every time after saving a custom scan.

BUGFIX: Scan alerts are not raised for some of the time frames.

BUGFIX: Fixed Hdfc contract note import.

BUGFIX: Sometimes all Custom Scans showed "Computing" status in navigation pane.

BUGFIX: Sometimes custom scans stayed in "Computing" status on restart of tool.

BUGFIX: Custom Timeframe is now supported in IQL.

BUGFIX: The scripts when moved from one folder are not seen in the destination group until the fav tree is not refreshed.

BUGFIX: Edit/Delete scan option was not visible in Manage Custom scan in some resolutions.

BUGFIX: Adx based scan used to get changed when converted into IQL and then back to IEL.

BUGFIX: n-times and n% was not supported in IQL with VWAP.

BUGFIX: In some resolutions chart used to get exported partially.

BUGFIX: For Daily custom scan with EOD update frequency, multi-tf scan alerts used to raise on every minute.

BUGFIX: "Remove all Buy/Sell signals" option did not remove custom scan based signals.

BUGFIX: Linear Regression Channel indicator - StdDev values may not be correct and colors are getting switched.

BUGFIX: Unable to filter period in trading diary.

BUGFIX: Corrected some calculation issues in LTCG P/L analysis.

BUGFIX: Stock Rating menu was sometimes disabled in Favorites.

BUGFIX: At times, the Auto-Divergence scans contained some wrong scrips.

BUGFIX: Chart scrips automatically changed when user visited any Fav Group.

BUGFIX: Chart View name is not saved correctly after the maximum Chart View limit exceeds.

BUGFIX: "No Multi TF scans available" was displayed in status bar even though there are scan results present.

BUGFIX: Scrip sorting is not working properly in Scan and Fav right pane.

BUGFIX: "Import transactions" button in portfolio toolbar was not showing pdf and html options.

BUGFIX: Portfolio group is not working in multiple groups functionality of Favorite scan filter.

BUGFIX: Auto SR options and chart type icon were disabled even after removing comparison.

Investar Release (Build : (23rd July 2019)


BUGFIX: Sometimes Multi-TF scans used to show wrong results of Scans when scan filter was kept on Favorites.

BUGFIX: In some cases, Custom Scan based on Chandelier Exit gave wrong result.

BUGFIX: Some of the periods in Trading diary were not showing some data.

BUGFIX: In Basic Edition, at times, indicators disappeared after tool restart.

BUGFIX: At times, corporate actions are not shown in the chart for higher timeframes like weekly and monthly.

Investar Release (Build : (6th June 2019)


FEATURE: Custom Screener.

FEATURE: Custom Scan Alerts.

FEATURE: Custom Scan based Buy/Sell Signals in chart.

FEATURE: Introducing Investar Query Language – for more advanced Custom Scans.

FEATURE: Support for Auto S/R Zones in chart and custom screener.

FEATURE: Support for Auto Trendline in chart and custom screener.

FEATURE: Support for Auto-Divergence in chart.

FEATURE: Custom Timeframe support in chart and custom scan with scan alerts with 75-Min preloaded.

FEATURE: Option to align candles to market hours in chart and custom scan.

FEATURE: Multiple Timeframe custom scans and scan alerts are now supported.

FEATURE: Spread Chart support (+, -, / * operators).

FEATURE: Point And Figure charts are now supported.

FEATURE: Introducing new drawings: i) Gann Square, ii) Gann Box, iii) ABCD harmonic pattern, iv) XABCD harmonic pattern.

FEATURE: Support of Awesome Oscillator, ATP, Delivery Volume Percentage, Delivery Volume, Chandelier Exit and Vortex indicator in chart.

FEATURE: Added option "Move Favorite group" in Favorite Tree.

FEATURE: Added multiple group filter support in Scan Filter.

FEATURE: Chart Keyboard Short-cuts.

FEATURE: Added Chart Type menu next to timeframe menu.

FEATURE: Linking of ChartView->time-frame with ScansAdvisor->time-frame for faster navigation of scans.

FEATURE: Custom Favorite Views can now be defined.

FEATURE: Multi-select functionality in favorites.

FEATURE: Scan Alert Notifications on Mobile (Supported for Investar Mobile Release and Beta).

FEATURE: Add/Edit Scan Alert Criteria at group level.

FEATURE: Show Previous Day’s/Current Day’s OHLC lines.

FEATURE: Profit/Loss Analysis now generates separate Gain/Loss as required for recent LTCG changes.

FEATURE: OI chg% instead of OI% in Favorites and Favorites Pane.

FEATURE: Ability to Save Scan Results in Text File.

FEATURE: Font Size of Drawing and Data Window can be changed from Chart Theme Setting.

FEATURE: Option to customize Volume bar colors added.

FEATURE: Display High/Low Values of Zig Zag indicator on chart.

FEATURE: Functionality to en-large a specific chart in multiple chart layout with Z key (or maximize button).

FEATURE: Proper display to update scans group's status in Favorites in error scenarios.

FEATURE: Preservation of Lookup settings for F&Os.

FEATURE: Add option to create favorite group from scan result.

FEATURE: Add feature of exporting data in Amibroker format.

FEATURE: Settings Backup and Restore menus in software. Restore to allow selected settings restore from Backup, 6.0 or Beta.

CHANGE: Check All option is now available in Manage Custom Scans Pane.

CHANGE: Functionality to hide/show drawings in chart.

CHANGE: Option to change up/down color of EWO, Macd Histogram, Awesome Oscillator indicator.

CHANGE: Ctl-F to put cursor focus on scrip code lookup.

CHANGE: If fractional values are 0 in chart Y-axis they should not be shown.

CHANGE: Added color shading in Fibonacci Extension, Fibonacci Retracements and Percentage Extension drawings.

CHANGE: Support of Samco Securities Limited’s, Vibrant Securities, Zerodha, RKSV Securities Pvt. Ltd, TrustLine, SBICap Securities and HDFC-Securites Contract Note.

CHANGE: Open drawing menu just by right click on drawing without selecting drawing.

CHANGE: Drawing grouping in drawing tool bar.

CHANGE: Optimized Scrip Code lookup menu.

CHANGE: Removed 4min, 2h, 4h, 2d, 3d chart pre-defined timeframes.

CHANGE: New Menu for Chart timeframe and duration for better visibility.

CHANGE: Indicator names have been made more readable.

CHANGE: Add new option to remove Indicator from chart area when all chart area are full while adding new indicator.

CHANGE: On login Password can be saved with user id.

CHANGE: New and improved Drawing Fibonnaci Extenstion instead of Price Extension.

CHANGE: Provide more option to customize Fibonacci Retracements drawing, Percentage Extensions drawing like Hide/show lines, Color, width , style.

CHANGE: Removed Pre-Session tick (9:15 am) throughout the software based on customer feedback.

CHANGE: In Chart Comparison, the values for each symbol are now displayed in Data Window.

CHANGE: Bollinger Bands indicator can be now drawn on the values of Open, High, Low, Close.

CHANGE: Improved Visibility of Auto S/R Lines values (now displayed on mouse hover).

CHANGE: “Un-Check All” in Manage Scans will only be applicable to scans in visible tab.

CHANGE: In Scans And Favorites, Column sequence changed as - Change OI, OI, Avg OI.

CHANGE: Improve usability of “Report a problem” with screen capture feature.

CHANGE: Zig Zag Indicator - Added new pricefield 'High to Low' to show swing activity.

BUGFIX: Fixed some issues in direct, regular and dividend options in MF lookup dialog.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Investar used to crash at 30%.

BUGFIX: In Some cases Vol% field not visible in Home Pane.

BUGFIX: In Case Of just FO sometimes scan filter favorites was not wroking for futures group.

BUGFIX: On few occasions "Scans as of" status was mismatched.

BUGFIX: Zerodha order completion status was not returned to software.

BUGFIX: Portfolio Buy/Sell transactions should be visible in weekly and higher timeframe charts also.

BUGFIX: Corporate events are not displayed in the Higher time frame of daily on chart.

BUGFIX: In some cases scan alerts based on predefined scans were not preserved.

BUGFIX: Sometimes wrong calculation used to happen for Short-Term Capital Gains.

BUGFIX: Predefined scans gets vanished on favorite group.

BUGFIX: Scan filter was not working on favorites properly.

BUGFIX: Reset functionality was not working for composite scan.

BUGFIX: Some add-ons were incorrectly enabled for Standard users.

BUGFIX: Bollinger band sometime spreading when we zoom in and zoom out.

BUGFIX: Alt-Tab was not working in full screen to change screen.

BUGFIX: Deleted chart view appears again after restart.

BUGFIX: Sync scan time improved. Also helpful in case of accidental system shutdown.

BUGFIX: Selected node in Scans & Favorite Pane was getting changed on refresh.

BUGFIX: Right click menu wasn't showing on transaction when one selects Portfolio-Assets filter in portfolio.

BUGFIX: OI Chg% was not calculated properly for NSEFO.

BUGFIX: Fix the sort order in the symbol lookup dialog.

BUGFIX: Investar used to crash on start-up under some circumstances.

BUGFIX: "Clear Disk Cache" were not working in some cases.

BUGFIX: Scan Alert Criteria were not preserved for users of Auto-SR addon.

Investar Release (Build : (8th February 2018)


CHANGE: New and Improved Error Reporting with ability to automatically take a screenshot.

BUGFIX: Investar used to crash on start-up.

BUGFIX: Sound Alert sometimes stopped working.

BUGFIX: Sometimes on install the anti-virus blocked the running of Investar.

BUGFIX: Clicking on a Favorite Group or Scan did not refresh data on right Scans & Favorites Pane.

BUGFIX: Investar crashed when the Chart Theme color was changed.

Investar Release (Build : (16th January 2018)


FEATURE: New Scans: Close above VWAP, Close below VWAP, Close crossing above VWAP, Close crossing below VWAP, Bullish Marubozu, Bearish Marubozu.

CHANGE: Significantly improved performance throughout the software.

CHANGE: "Create Account" option provided while importing CSV transactions.

CHANGE: Removed 'Stock With Alerts' option from the Tools-option -> SlideShow tab, which is not in use any more.

CHANGE: Improvement in Buy/Sell Signal's dynamic width adjustment for better visibility.

BUGFIX: Excel export for Scans & Favorite Fundamental View was not properly working.

BUGFIX: Trading diary symbol filter was not showing tickers at time of startup.

BUGFIX: While importing contract notes, data(i.e. strike price, expiry date) of option tickers was not properly mapped.

BUGFIX: Dollex symbol issue resolved in EOD.

BUGFIX: Expired symbols were not seen as “Invalid” in favorite groups.

BUGFIX: Scrip Selection was getting removed on tick update in Favorite tree & Portfolio.

Investar Release (Build : (4th October 2017)


FEATURE: Introducing new chart types - Renko and Line with dots.

FEATURE: Open=High and Open=Low Scans.

FEATURE: Previous Day’s close and Current Day’s open can be displayed in chart (using Tools->Options->Chart).

FEATURE: Buy/Sell Signal Width will Increase and Decrease according to Zoom In and Zoom Out.

FEATURE: Buy/Sell Signal color is now part of Chart Theme.

FEATURE: Chart Title Font size on top of the chart area can be set in Chart Theme.

FEATURE: Filter Trading Diary based on Scrip.

FEATURE: Call/Put filter can be applied on options in Symbol-Lookup.

FEATURE: Scroll chart left/right on mouse move when left button of mouse is down.

FEATURE: Allow User to operate portfolio from multiple machines.

FEATURE: Dedicated menu to handle stock events in portfolio. Now user will receive a Prompt to handle stock events(Bonus & Split) and they will have option to handle events automatically (No user action required all values will be calculated) and manually (User will have to enter all values manually).

FEATURE: P/L Analysis to show total profit/loss on collapsed node.

FEATURE: Import support for Prabhudas Liladhar, Religare, Prostocks pdf contract notes.

FEATURE: Ctrl + Mouse Scroll up and down for zoom in and zoom out respectively.

FEATURE: Yearly timeframe charts.

FEATURE: Favorites - Move to specific scrip under particular group while scrip name typed in succession.

FEATURE: Favorites - Move to specific node of favorites group while group name typed in succession.

FEATURE: Chart theme can be accessed easily from shortcut button from toolbar.

FEATURE: Added Elliot Wave Oscillator indicator.

FEATURE: Vastly improved CSV/Excel export for P/L analysis, Portfolio, Scans & Favorites, Trading Diary.

CHANGE: While removing indicator, the associated chart area will also get removed.

CHANGE: Add/Remove Chart Area have been removed (based on change mentioned above).

CHANGE: Volume%/OPENINT% in Data Window (when SMA is added on Volume/OI).

CHANGE: Nearest Support/Resistance details (i.e. VSR1, VSS1, SR1, SS1) in Data Window for Auto-SR.

CHANGE: Default drawing font color is now Dim Gray.

CHANGE: Now user can view his ID in My subscription dialog to verify.

CHANGE: Auto-SR feature is now part of Chart View.

CHANGE: Support for different colors for different ratios in Fibonacci drawings.

CHANGE: Predefined layers for drawings are reduced to two – Intraday and D-W-M.

CHANGE: New drawings will be drawn in custom layer if it is selected as default layer and if current chart resolution is available in custom layer.

CHANGE: Auto brokerage calculation disabled by default while creating account in portfolio.

CHANGE: Apply Brokerage while importing contract note as mentioned (i.e. per unit or Total) for html and pdf contract notes.

CHANGE: Now user can enable/disable Quick Start Tutorial on startup.

CHANGE: By default, Volume indicator will be added in blank Chart Area if it is available, otherwise in new Chart Area.

CHANGE: Provided support for range in PPO indicator between 1 to 200.

BUGFIX: Home and End functionality was incorrect for same chart view.

BUGFIX: While creating new theme, Edit option was disabled.

BUGFIX: Symbol Lookup window used to stay in certain cases when switching to a different application.

BUGFIX: Buy/Sell, Dividend, Split, Bonus images became a little above the chart in some cases.

BUGFIX: Trading diary CSV to import & export date in Investar supported format.

BUGFIX: Stop the zooming impact while scrollbar moved to extreme left or extreme right.

BUGFIX: Export Functionality was not working properly under some circumstances.

BUGFIX: Y-axis was getting reset when chart type was getting changed.

BUGFIX: When Y-axis scale was set to Log, comparison of charts for multiple scrips were not shown properly.

BUGFIX: When height of chart areas were changed, it was not preserved on restart or change of view.

BUGFIX: When EMA/SMA indicator was drawn on RSC indicator, it was not being drawn properly.

BUGFIX: Invalid Symbol message in chart for commodity symbol even if it is present in commodity symbol lookup dialog.

BUGFIX: Investar crashes while changing layer for drawing in EOD only addon.

BUGFIX: NSE Continuous Future data was not refreshed after rollover.

Investar Release (Build : (22nd March 2017)


BUGFIX: Sometimes showed orange status in statusbar even if all data are updated.

Investar Release (Build : (5th January 2017)


BUGFIX: Investar crashes, mainly on Windows 10/8/8.1, with message “Investar exe stopped working”.

BUGFIX: Few scans were not visible in Daily EOD time frame.(Above Previous Day’s High, Below Previous Day’s Low, Inside Gap Up, Inside Gap Down, Outside Gap Up, Outside Gap Down)).

BUGFIX: In particular scenario, clicking on "Apply” button in “Set Update Frequency” dialog box was crashing Investar.

BUGFIX: In particular scenario, Exchange was not being properly selected in “Set Update Frequency” dialog box.

BUGFIX: In 5 minute F&O scans subscription combination, scan alerts were not being raised.

BUGFIX: Split was not adjusting in chart for scrips which are visited on NSE/BSE holiday but the holiday is not for commodity. Due to same reason, chart update was also affecting on next working day.

BUGFIX: In some cases, Work offline functionality was getting stuck at 99% or 100%.

BUGFIX: Additional portfolio lost in a case where user is subscribed for additional portoflios and intraday trial is activated while subscription is going on.

BUGFIX: Wrong Average Vol and Vol% for NSE Options.

Investar Release (Build : (30th September 2016)


FEATURE: Weekly and Monthly timeframe scans, scan alerts and advisor.

FEATURE: New Scans: 5-yr high, 15-yr high, 5-yr low, 15-yr low, High Dividend Yield, High Beta.

FEATURE: Facility to customize chart theme.

FEATURE: Facility to remove all the bottom chart areas.

FEATURE: Dividend Yield % in fundamentals for TTM, MRQ, FY.

CHANGE: New users can register from software itself using “Sign Up Now” link provided on login screen.

CHANGE: Pivot Lines are allowed in Option's chart.

CHANGE: Facility to change ichimoku cloud colour.

CHANGE: Candle High/Low color customization will not be preserved in Chart View now.

CHANGE: Improvements in Standard Edition like increased capacity of chart views, layouts, favorite groups, favorite scrips, chart comparison etc.

CHANGE: Basic Edition now supports more scans, more indicators, intraday screener, increased capacity of favorite groups, favorite scrips, chart window etc.

CHANGE: Separate scan update frequencies for different exchanges.

CHANGE: Scan Timeframe is preserved separately for different exchange.

CHANGE: Empty favorite group will not be removed on restart of software.

CHANGE: Enhanced Basic and Lite Editions.

BUGFIX: Fundamental data were not shown if PS value of Trailing Twelve Month is 0.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Slide Show was not working properly.

BUGFIX: In EOD subscription with fresh run, switching between exchanges for daily scans was not working.

BUGFIX: In particular scenario, Navigation Pane width kept automatically increasing on every restart of Investar.

Investar Release (Build : (7th July 2016)


FEATURE: Trading through Zerodha Account now possible (Trade using price alerts, scan alerts, chart and option chain)

FEATURE: 10-min timeframe scans & scan alerts added

FEATURE: Option Chain with Put-Call Ratio (By right click on Chart or symbol in watchlist or scans)

FEATURE: FII/DII trading activity up to last one year with day-wise/month-wise filters in Market Overview

FEATURE: Beta now available in Fundamentals.

FEATURE: Commodiy Symbol Look Up now has filters of category and sub category.

FEATURE: Chart can be viewed for a symbol of selected order from Order Book

FEATURE: Set or Remove Price/Scan Alerts by right click on Chart

CHANGE: Revised parameter ranges for many Indicators.

CHANGE: Facility to change Bollinger Bands fill colour

CHANGE: Empty favorite groups will be removed (at next software start)

CHANGE: Quickly move to a scrip in Favorite Group on press of the first Letter key

CHANGE: Left and Right arrow key to shrink/expand the node in Favorites Tree

CHANGE: Remove any chart area (except first) by right click on Chart

CHANGE: Watchlist bar fonts are bigger and more visible

CHANGE: Scan filter of NSE With "F&O", even if there is no subscription for F&O

CHANGE: BANKNIFTY weekly Options now available

BUGFIX: In some scenarios levels specified with indicator was not shown in multi window layout.

BUGFIX: Volume sticks were shown for zero volume.

BUGFIX: For buy/sell signals, faster/slower moving average selection was not right when both moving average has same parameter

BUGFIX: Correction in Fibonacci Fan drawing.

BUGFIX: In daily chart, during market hours, sometimes last candle did not update

BUGFIX: Investar crashed if someone tried to edit Composite Scans using "Common Tasks->Scans->Edit Composite Scan" option

Investar Release (Build : (24th May 2016)


FEATURE: New Scans (Above/Below prev day’s high /low, Inside Gap Up/Down, Outside Gap Up/Down)

BUGFIX: In a particular scenario Investar Standard was crashing at 90% after login

Investar Release (Build : (2nd Feb 2016)


FEATURE: Automatic Support/Resistance (Can be enabled from "Tools -> Options -> Auto S/R" or "Right click on chart -> Enable Auto S/R").

FEATURE: Intraday Scans for Risk/Reward ratio.

FEATURE: Risk/Reward ratio and Stop-Loss based on Auto Support/Resistance displayed in chart.

FEATURE: New drawing tool – Support/Resistance Zone.

FEATURE: Facility to put Auto S/R level as permanent level in chart.

FEATURE: Automatic Support/Resistance related Scans for all timeframes. (Crossing Resistance/Support, Near Resistance/Support, High Risk/Reward ratio scans).

FEATURE: Scans based on partial candle updated on every tick.

FEATURE: Support for all indicator and candlestick scans in Daily Intraday timeframe.

FEATURE: Work offline with both Intraday and EOD data history.

FEATURE: New drawing tools – Change Percentage, Parallel Line, Horizontal Band, Vertical Band

FEATURE: 4-month intraday history for 5-min and above intraday timeframes.

FEATURE: 10-day intraday history for 1,2,3-min timeframes.

FEATURE: In F&O symbol lookup dialog, additional filters for Active, Continuous (CONT) and Spliced (SPLC) Futures

CHANGE: For Intraday screener subscribers, to view EOD scans, one has to select "Daily" as Timeframe and "EOD" as Update Frequency

BUGFIX: Sometimes intraday tick update did not start automatically with market start.

BUGFIX: Multiple fixes in favorite synchronization feature.

BUGFIX: Scan alerts did not work with subscription of FO 1-Min with Screener.

Investar Release (Build : (3rd Nov 2015)


FEATURE: Investar Remote Support Tool can be downloaded / launched from Investar itself.

FEATURE: Investar now supports EOD history data of 15 years.

FEATURE: "Report a problem" dialog now allows user to add scrip name by typing scrip names.

FEATURE: Intraday and EOD scans based on Ichimoku Indicator.

FEATURE: Import of PDF contract notes.

FEATURE: New “Price Extension” drawing added.

FEATURE: Spliced futures (i.e. unadjusted futures) are now available (e.g. NIFTY-SPLC-1M).

FEATURE: Scan filter for NSE Spliced future scans.

FEATURE: Buy/Sell signals based on Ichimoku Indicator.

FEATURE: Indicator drawing customization (e.g. custom width).

FEATURE: Chart comparison can now be preserved in chart view/templates.

FEATURE: Automatic logout from first licensed machine when you login to second licensed machine.

FEATURE: Option to show/hide corporate actions in chart.

FEATURE: Keyboard friendly Add Indicator dialog.

CHANGE: Minimum historical data is now fetched while viewing charts to ensure more accurate indicator calculations.

CHANGE: Improved performance for intraday screener.

CHANGE: “Create FO Traded Group” option is now available in Standard Edition for Non FO subscriber.

CHANGE: Buy/Sell signals are displayed automatically if at least two moving averages are added in top chart area.

BUGFIX: Sometimes every 100 days, the candle did not show properly in chart.

BUGFIX: Hourly scans were sometimes not updated after 3:00 PM.

BUGFIX: Nifty Fav Index group was not added in Favorites tree in Nifty-50 edition.

BUGFIX: Getting data problem for specific scrip.

BUGFIX: Sometimes chart request was sent twice in chart.

BUGFIX: Gainers/Losers scans sometimes still showed incorrect Gainers/Losers.

BUGFIX: Delete and set scan alert options were not enabled for FO Traded Group, Favorite Index Group, Favorite Industry Group.

BUGFIX: Investar crashed in some cased when editing buy/sell signals in comparison mode.

BUGFIX: Allowed to add same scan for same timeframe while setting scan alert.

BUGFIX: Apply, Ok, Cancel buttons in Manage scan got disabled in some situations.

BUGFIX: Look-up scrip code box appears in other applications when tab changed.

BUGFIX: Portfolio Scrips when changed, were not reflected in Favorites tree.

BUGFIX: Scans based on Favorites didn't give results as expected.

BUGFIX: Newly listed company symbols were not available even after EOD update on a day of listing.

BUGFIX: Continuous future mapping was reflected only if one login to the software.

BUGFIX: Commodity data didn’t get updated for non FO subscriber.

Investar Release (Build : (5th Mar 2015)  

FEATURE: Heikin Ashi Charts.

FEATURE: 28 indicators (Including Kinko Hyo, VWAP etc) with Buy/Sell signal support.

FEATURE: Buy/Sell signal support for existing indicators like (Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR etc).

FEATURE: 6 Drawings (Including Eilliot Wave tool, Andrew's Pitchfork etc).

FEATURE: Chart Layout (ability to save multi-window layouts with synchronization modes).

FEATURE: 3/6 horizontal & vertical windows layout for bigger screen.

FEATURE: Ability to see different stocks in different timeframes at same time (No Synchronization mode).

FEATURE: Customizable Scrolling Ticker (Horizontal scrolling bar for viewing index/stocks/fo prices).

FEATURE: 10 year EOD historical data.

FEATURE: Add chart symbol to favorite group.

FEATURE: Add scrip of predefined group (e.g. FO Traded Scrips) to user defined groups.

FEATURE: Facility to show/hide Buy/Sell signal on partial candle (by default hidden).

FEATURE: Option to set Up/Down color based on either Net Change or Open vs Close.

FEATURE: Option to change sound for Scan/Price Alerts.

FEATURE: New Scan Alert interface (allows timeframe to be specified as part of scan alert criteria)

FEATURE: Added support/fixes for HTML contract notes.

FEATURE: Ability to define and save Chart Layouts (with upto 6 chart windows and associated views & sync modes)

FEATURE: Drawing Layers (ability to specify which timeframe(s) the drawing will be drawn).

FEATURE: Drawing customizations (like color, thickness etc)

FEATURE: Fibonacci Customizations

FEATURE: 3 Days (Intraday only) and 10 Days (Intraday & EOD) periods added.

FEATURE: Auto suggest popup list of symbols in Create Favorite Group Dialog.

FEATURE: Volume stick color based on - Open vs Close or Net Change.

FEATURE: Facility to “Uncheck All” selected Scans and Search scan based on text in Managing Scans Interface.

FEATURE: Ability to search scans/scrips in Scan Alert Criteria list.

CHANGE: Maximum limit of chart views/templates are increased from 15 to 30.

CHANGE: EOD scan alert history is saved for last 10 days instead of 5 days before.

BUGFIX: Width of favorite tree and its column was reset on restart of software.

BUGFIX: Chart update stops due to intermittent network conditions.

BUGFIX: Report for FO view in Scans & Favorites was not working.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Investar was crashing while saving the chart.

BUGFIX: Current day Rating and Events were not shown in daily chart during market hours.

BUGFIX: Data window was not showing all values of multiline indicators.

Investar Release (Build : (19th Sep 2014)  

FEATURE: Blank bars in right margin of chart which can be set from Tools->Option->Chart.

FEATURE: TEMA (Triple Exponential Moving Average) Indicator.

CHANGE: 50% faster data updates and optimized bandwidth usage.

CHANGE: Option(Tools->Options->Portfolio) to show/hide buy/sell transaction icons in chart.

BUGFIX: Investar hangs sometime when “Getting price data for Portfolio” dialog appears due to data update either after clicking on Refresh button or after auto EOD update.

BUGFIX: In bad network conditions, 1-Min tick updates could get stuck upto 5 minutes.

BUGFIX: Memory usage keeps increasing if one has set Scan Alerts for one or more scrips but keep it disabled i.e. unchecked the “Enable Scan Alerts” checkbox.

BUGFIX: Data update does not start automatically after resume from hibernate/sleep mode.

BUGFIX: Price Line value labels were not visible in black chart themes.

BUGFIX: Log scale in chart was not working properly in some cases.

BUGFIX: F&O chart update problem when market starts in morning.

BUGFIX: Sometimes when one moves from one chart view to another, chart period remains same even if newer chart view has bigger chart period than previous.

Investar Release (Build : (28th Nov 2013)

FEATURE: 1-min real-time data for all NSE Futures and Options.

FEATURE: Intraday Screener now supports Futures scans and scan alerts in 1,2 and 3-min timeframes.

FEATURE: Separate F&O View in Scans & Favorites Pane (with OI).

FEATURE: Notification mechanism for sending notifications to user in case there are any data update issues.

CHANGE: Market will start at 9:15 am and end at 3:30 pm (to eliminate empty candles and get more precise indicator analysis).

CHANGE: Data window is now allowed in Multi Window layout.

CHANGE: Enhanced F&O symbol lookup with various filters for futuresand options (based on expiry date and strike price).

CHANGE: Drawing Toolbar is now available in chart full screen mode.

BUGFIX: Previous day’s Close values were shown in portfolio after EOD update.

BUGFIX: No change in chart if 5-min subscriber goes from “Daily” to “1/2/4-hour” resolution and vice versa.

BUGFIX: All drawing objects were removed from top chart area if indicator is removed either by clicking on "All in Top Area" option in context menu or when last indicator from top chart area.

BUGFIX: Wrong brokerage was calculated for NSE Option transactions if brokerage calculation is set to auto calculation mode while account is created.

BUGFIX: Daily candle for current day did not update in some cases when during market a daily chart for scrip is viewed at an hour interval on previous day.

BUGFIX: Candle was sometimes missed in 5-min chart for 1-min subscribers if the scrip was visited at a very specific time during tick update.

BUGFIX: Pivot/Horizontal lines value labels were truncating if overlay volume is put with second y-axis.

BUGFIX: For CoverShort transaction of Stock/F&O/Commodity, MinGain and MaxGain options were selecting wrong transaction lot.

BUGFIX: Sometimes selected Object in chart was getting unselected on tick update if chart has some other objects like Pivot lines.

Investar Release (Build : (26th Aug 2013)  

FEATURE: 1-Min real time data for NSE Stocks.

FEATURE: 1-Min/2-Min/3-Min screener for NSE Stocks.

FEATURE: 1-Min/2-Min/3-Min/4-Min/10-Min/2-Hour/4-Hour timeframe/resolution in chart.

FEATURE: SuperTrend indicator with Buy/Sell signal.

FEATURE: New indicators: Envelope, %B and Bollinger Bandwidth.

FEATURE: New Scans based on Supertrend, Pivot Points (PP,R1,S1), DI+/DI- Crossovers, Gainers/Losers, Close/50-MA Crossovers.

FEATURE: 1M/2M/3M scan filters for NSE/Commodity futures.

FEATURE: Pivot level values are displayed on the Pivot lines.

FEATURE: Continuous Drawing Mode.

FEATURE: Now drawing object shows selection points on mouse hover.

FEATURE: Two new drawings for writing text on chart – Text and Label.

FEATURE: Option in right click context menu to configure Y-axis scale (Linear/Log) for specific chart area of specific chart view.

FEATURE: Default formula for Pivot Points can be configured (Classic/Camarilla/Woodie) from Tools->Options->General tab.

FEATURE: Option to remove all as well as specific chart area drawing objects.

CHANGE: Improved experience of adding an indicator.

CHANGE: Improved experience of adding a drawing object.

CHANGE: Bollinger Band with SMA line.

CHANGE: Moving Average indicator with same period but different price field can be plotted in top area.

CHANGE: Upto two Moving Averages can be added in bottom areas.

CHANGE: Note drawing object is replaced with two different Text drawings.

CHANGE: Improved tick update performance.

CHANGE: Improved Cursor/CrossHair behavior.

CHANGE: Option candlestick charts.

CHANGE: For 5-days/15-days period in chart, history will be given for 5/15 working days.

CHANGE: Histogram value is also displayed for MACD indicator.

CHANGE: X - Axis labels are shown only at bottom of the chart window.

CHANGE: Data Window will be visible/invisible only from the button. Now it's not dependent on the Show Pivot line option.

CHANGE: Cursor adjusts automatically to nearest candle if someone clicks between two candles.

CHANGE: In data window, values of Last Close, Change and Change% become blank for the first candle of the chart. Now it will show "NAN" instead of blank.

CHANGE: Drawings are automatically removed while removing the Chart Area and Indicator.

CHANGE: Cursor is preserved on its last location(datetime)until it is repositioned manually.

CHANGE: If cursor is positioned on last candle then it will always remain on last candle regardless of date time where it was put (for better user experience).

BUGFIX: WMA was allowed in blank chart area.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Stop Loss line disappears after fraction of second.

BUGFIX: Wrong transaction image in chart was displaying for transaction type other than Buy.

BUGFIX: FO Traded Scrips group was containing some scrips for which no active F&O exists.

BUGFIX: “Error in initializing chart” message on 50%.

BUGFIX: Drawing objects could be added in blank chart area.

BUGFIX: In Synchronize Stock mode, if we save chart view using "Save View As" option in chart context menu, then it was being applied to all windows.

BUGFIX: Candles were getting selected if we click on candle when hand cursor shown and then just minimize and maximize the software.

BUGFIX: If parameter value is out of range in Add Indicator dialog box then it was showing improper message.

BUGFIX: Future symbol which starts with "OPT" was causing problem in importing CSV transaction file.

BUGFIX: Some time chart update does not start even if market is started.

BUGFIX: Improper data update if PC resumes from hibernate mode.

BUGFIX: In multiple charts, sometimes the chart has equal history as other chart even if it has higher period than other chart.

BUGFIX: On Y axis, two point precision values came for values greater than 10000.

BUGFIX: Multiple views could be created with same name.

BUGFIX: Chart with 1-Day period and Daily resolution having Overlay Volume,message like "Please Wait,Chart is Loading..."was being displayed in top area.

BUGFIX: Pivot lines were drawn at wrong location as per its pivot values.

BUGFIX: Going from offline to online mode in software,chart update did not start.

BUGFIX: Daily chart were not updated with EOD update.

BUGFIX: Investar was incorrectly starting with only EOD addons for intraday users who went offline.

BUGFIX: If we enable secondary Y-axis for overlay volume in multiwindow layout, it was being enabled only for active window.

BUGFIX: If we change Buy/Sell signal color in multi window layout, it was being applied only for active window.

BUGFIX: Export to Metastock was not working for NSE Options and Commodity futures.

BUGFIX: If we remove any of bottom chart areas which contain drawings, then its drawings were shifted to top chart area.

BUGFIX: In multi window layout with synchronize view mode, deleting a view from any window caused other window’s views to change unnecessarily.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Investar was hanging if someone tried to add drawing in an area having log scale with indicator like “Stochastic RSI”.

BUGFIX: In multi window layout with synchronize view mode, clicking on "Remove All indicator(s)" from one window sometimes caused the Indicator to be removed from all windows but buy/sell signals would incorrectly remain the same.

BUGFIX: Sometimes scan alerts were not in proper order after restarting Investar.

BUGFIX: Double-clicking on “Hide Sidebar” button would cause Investar to crash.

BUGFIX: “Invalid Symbol” message was given twice when invalid symbol is added in a favorite group.

BUGFIX: “Print Preview” and “Export”options were not working for the Trading diary.

BUGFIX: Sometimes some indicator values were not being displayed in data window while changing the chart.

BUGFIX: Composite Scan with same name as Pre-defined Scan could be created.

BUGFIX: Edit Indicator and Edit Buy/Sell signal were not working properly in multi window layout.

Investar Release (Build : (23rd Aug 2012)  

FEATURE: 5-min real time data updates for all Futures & Options (available with Intraday NSE(F&O) Add-On).

FEATURE: Intraday Screener for Futures.

FEATURE: Gainers/Losers on high Open Interest scans for intraday and daily timeframes.

FEATURE: 7-years of EOD history in chart.

FEATURE: Upto 7-chart areas can be added in Standard & NiftySpecial Editions.

CHANGE: Improved intraday 5-min tick performance.

CHANGE: Improved synchronization of Favorite Scrips.

CHANGE: Going online from offline mode, software will restart if there is any change in subscription.

BUGFIX: Suddenly intraday scans for 15-min/30-min/1-hour timeframes was not available till next 15-min/30-min/1-hour cycles.

BUGFIX: Chart and Fundamental Panes synchronization was not working in some cases.

BUGFIX: X-axis in chart was not visible if only one chart area was there.

BUGFIX: Sometimes single candle was shown in daily chart if tick comes in between chart data request.

BUGFIX: Investar would hang at 90% if there were too many scan alerts.

BUGFIX: EOD Price alert was not working for some exchanges.

BUGFIX: Investar sometimes crashed if Future/Option list was empty.

BUGFIX: In Portfolio Holdings view, it was showing transaction(s) of only one particular symbol even if “All” is selected in Symbol filter combo box.

BUGFIX: In cash account of a portfolio, transactions having fractional quantity were not imported.

Investar Release (Build : (19th Apr 2012)

CHANGE: Increased Symbol Lookup Dialog’s width such that bigger F&O symbols are clearly visible.

BUGFIX: Network connection error came occasionally when some anti-virus software prevented the Investar Application from communicating with server.

BUGFIX: Chart comparison was not working without intraday addon.

BUGFIX: Pivot lines was not working in 1-day chart period in intraday resolution.

BUGFIX: Sometimes the Favorite Tree crashed due to column sorting.

BUGFIX: Buy/Sell signals were not updating automatically with the 5-min tick.

BUGFIX: Chart cannot be reloaded for same company if previous request failed due to some reason.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Investar crashed at 50% progress(after login).

Investar Release (Build : (17th Dec 2011)

FEATURE: Buy/Sell signals in Chart.

FEATURE: Support for World Indices.

FEATURE: Support for MCX & NCDEX EOD data (with Commodities Add-On).

FEATURE: Improved user-interface with easy access to most functionality through toolbars.

FEATURE: User Interface Persistence across sessions (Re-starting Investar will bring up the same pane and UI that was there in the previous run).

FEATURE: Split Quick Start Tutorial into 6 parts for easier understanding.

FEATURE: Comparison of Multiple Scrips.

FEATURE: Moving Averages (SMA, EMA, WMAetc) can now be placed on High, Low and Open also.

FEATURE: Support for Gann Studies (Gann Fan and Gann Angle).

FEATURE: Improved Data Updation with automatic data updates supported for multiple markets according to their trading schedules.

FEATURE: Improved Price Alerts with many more criteria.

FEATURE: 24 New Technical Scans.

FEATURE: New Technical Indicator (Relative Strength – Comparitive).

FEATURE: User-friendly multi-asset symbol lookup in both chart & fundamentals.

FEATURE: Explicit option to save Investar settings in toolbar to avoid loss of settings in case of power/system failure.

FEATURE: Realized Gain/Loss in Portfolio Holdings View.

FEATURE: Asset filters in Trading Diary and Profit/Loss Analysis.

FEATURE: In Portfolio Holdings view, asset-wise grouping for each portfolio.

FEATURE: Facility to create Favorite group of F&O traded scrips.

FEATURE: Optional popup alert notification for scan and price alerts.

FEATURE: Facility to add bonus and dividend payout transaction for stocks.

CHANGE: Removed redundant Y-axis when Price and volume are displayed in same chart area.

CHANGE: Improved Portfolio Performance Report.

CHANGE: Support of 5 portfolios and 10 accounts in Basic edition.

CHANGE: Allow to reduce initial cash balance while editing margin account.

CHANGE: Added two more (23.6 & 78.6) ratios for Fibonacci Retracements and Fibonacci Extensions.

CHANGE: Value for drawing Stop/Loss Line in chart for portfolio symbols can be customized now.

CHANGE: Y-Axis for volume in top area is optional now.

CHANGE: PSAR has two parameters now instead of 3 in Investar 2.0.

CHANGE: Improved performance for AsOf and Portfolio performance report.

CHANGE: Now Scan Alert can be set on any scan scrip also.

BUGFIX: Improved performance in Parabolic SAR.

BUGFIX: Fixed formula for Fast Stochasitcs.

BUGFIX: Newer candle was not invisible in zoom mode. One hasd to scroll or press end key to get it in Investar 2.0.

BUGFIX: updating data due to corruption in portfolio settings. (Portfolio big size issue).

BUGFIX: Investar was getting hanged if someone click on any scrip in Scan Alerts to view its chart.

BUGFIX: Performance improvement in Scan Alert window when there are too many alerts.

BUGFIX: Portfolio backup cannot be restored successfully in some scenarios.

BUGFIX: Fixed formula for Fast Stochasitcs.

BUGFIX: Fixed formula for Fast Stochasitcs.

Investar Release (Build : (17th March 2011)

FEATURE: [Intraday Screener Add-On only] 5-min, 15-min, 30-min, 1-hour and Daily Timeframe scans.

FEATURE: [Intraday Screener Add-On only] Expert Advice based on 5-min, 15-min, 30-min, 1-hour charts.

FEATURE: New Daily Timeframe scans find new Highs/Lows and Volume Gainers/Losers in Daily Chart as and when they happen.

FEATURE: 30 new scans based on ADX, Bollinger Bands and TRIX in EOD timeframes.

FEATURE: [Intraday Screener Add-On only] Total Intraday Scans goes up to 54 (including new scans based on ADX, Bollinger Bands and TRIX).

FEATURE: 15+ new Fundamental Scans.

FEATURE: New Composite Scan Feature allow users to combine Pre-defined scans with technical and fundamental parameters like Close, Volume, Average Volume, Volume%, Change %, Market Cap, P/E, P/S, EPS Gr %, Sales Gr% to come up with customized scans.

FEATURE: It is now possible to provide width and color for each drawing.

FEATURE: Horizontal levels can now be set for indicators.

FEATURE: It is possible to change the high/low color of bar chart.

FEATURE: 10+ New drawings.

FEATURE: 3 New Indicators.

FEATURE: Symbol Lookup option beside symbol combo-box in chart.

FEATURE: Recovery Facility for Corrupted Files.

FEATURE: Import of multiple ODIN clients into multiple INVESTAR accounts.

FEATURE: Portfolio filter by particular symbol for holdings view.

FEATURE: Portfolio Performance Report.

FEATURE: Scan alert criteria on multiple scrips.

FEATURE: Ability to set scan alert for all scrips in a Favorite Group at a time.

FEATURE: End-Of-Day Scan Alerts are now available.

FEATURE: Filter Scan Alerts by timeframe.

FEATURE: New option in Scans Filter to view only Favorites and Portfolio Scrips in Scans.

FEATURE: Printing facility for Scans&Favorites, Portfolio, Profit-Loss Analysis, Trading Diary, Chart.

CHANGE: Drawing toolbar moved on right side of chart with show/hide facility.

CHANGE: Pivot lines, Support and Resistance line will now appear in contrast color.

CHANGE: Simplified process of adding an indicator.

CHANGE: Zoom in will now be applicable to leftmost part only.

CHANGE: : MACD (26,12,9) had been changed to MACD (12,26,9) with an improved calculation.

CHANGE: Restrict some of the indicators from adding in top area and also some of the indicators now can be added in different area.

CHANGE: Snap to Price and extension facilities for Trend line.

CHANGE: New drawings are available for basic version.

CHANGE: Intraday history is available for last 2 months.

CHANGE: Scan alerts are preserved.

CHANGE: Scan Alert criteria can be set for desired timeframe.

CHANGE: Adding more ranges in period for Trading Diary and Profit/Loss analysis.

CHANGE: Portfolio name and Account name accepts hyphen (-) Symbol.

CHANGE: Make cash node optional in Portfolio Pane.

CHANGE: “Gain / Loss” value will not be displayed in buy transaction of Profit Loss analysis pane.

CHANGE: Improved Quick Start Tutorial.

CHANGE: Brokerage column in the imported transactions list is now editable.

CHANGE: Simplified way to draw Chart Drawings.

CHANGE: Changed grouping of candles for 15-min,30-min,1-hour Intraday resolutions and Weekly resolutions.

BUGFIX: Wrong Total Amount in Enter Stock Transaction and Enter F&O Transaction Dialogs.

BUGFIX: Improper Sorting on “Date” Column in Profit Loss Analysis Pane.

BUGFIX: Improved Portfolio Backup-Restore.

BUGFIX: F&O transaction can be deleted regardless of F&O Add-On.

BUGFIX: Software crashed when trying to move down in Symbol Lookup.

BUGFIX: Space was allowed in Scrip name while doing stock and F&O transactions.

BUGFIX: Zoom level was not preserved when navigating to a new chart.

BUGFIX: High and Low color of candle was not preserved in chart.

BUGFIX: Cursor used to flicker and show briefly when clicking between candles.

BUGFIX: Maximum value of visited stocks is preserved according to user defined and also maximum value is limited to 20 stocks.

BUGFIX: Close value in y-axis did not match with selected candle.

BUGFIX: In Stock Sync mode, a drawing moved in one chart window would not reflect in another.

BUGFIX: In some rare scenarios, the Portfolio settings file got big and caused error in updating data.

BUGFIX: Wrong behavior of right click while deleting transaction in Trading Diary.

BUGFIX: Software crashed if Analysis Pane was scrolled by holding down arrow key.

BUGFIX: Problem in importing contract notes on PCs where .Net Framework 2.0 SP1 or greater was not installed.

BUGFIX: Transactions were not sorted date-wise while importing transactions from contract note.

BUGFIX: :”Commission can't be left blank” message when doing manual quantity selection for F&O sell transaction.

Investar Release (Build : (19th November 2010)

FEATURE: Transactions can be imported from multiple Contract Notes of same broker at a time.

FEATURE: Easy process to include new Broker for Contract Note Transactions Import.

CHANGE: New 1-Day/5-Day/15-Day High/Low scans for NSE stocks.

CHANGE: No need to do drag & drop for Contract Note Transactions Import.

CHANGE: F&O transactions can be imported from CSV file.

CHANGE: Problem summary field in “Report a Problem”.

CHANGE: Now Top 10 losers in Market Pane are from all three categories of Low/Medium/High price.

BUGFIX: Metastock Export feature was not working.

BUGFIX: It was not possible to import transactions of a company which does not exist in Investar Company List. Now it can be done by entering Company code manually.

BUGFIX: Sorting did not preserve in Favorite Pane when new tick comes.

BUGFIX: Scan Alert window did not open properly when adding a Scan Alert from Favorite Tree.

BUGFIX: Imported Transaction window did not open properly when someone tried to import transactions.

BUGFIX: Improper Network message was shown if there is some invalid scrip in Portfolio open positions.

BUGFIX: Fractional value could not be entered for Price Alert.

BUGFIX: Wrong Gainers/Losers distribution in Home Pane’s Favorite Section.

Investar Release (Build : (16th September 2010)

FEATURE: 5-Minute real-time data updates for all NSE stocks (with 15-day intraday Historical Data).

FEATURE: Intraday Charts with 5-min, 15-min, 30-min, 1-hour resolution.

FEATURE: Intraday Technical Screener (with support for 32 Intraday Technical Scans).

FEATURE: Intraday Bullish/Bearish Alerts.

FEATURE: Facility to play sound for Scan Alerts.

FEATURE: 5-Minute Real-time Expert Advisor for NSE stocks.

FEATURE: Ability to see Intraday and Daily Charts simultaneously.

FEATURE: update of End-of-Day Data and indication for EOD data updated.

FEATURE: Highlight Up/Down movements during market hours.

FEATURE: Facility for reporting a problem.

CHANGE: Updated Guided Tutorial for Novice users.

CHANGE: Multiplication factor for Volume in chart for clarification.

CHANGE: Drawings are preserved differently for Intraday and EOD chart.

BUGFIX: Vertical line in intraday chart was not displaying time.

BUGFIX: Editing indicator property results in sequence change in Data Label on top of chart area.

BUGFIX: Repetition of chunk of data when someone tries to view chart very fast or change period very quickly.

BUGFIX: Investar crashed if someone tried to put indicator with wrong values.

BUGFIX: Improper update of Corporate Actions.

BUGFIX: Scans selection does not preserve if disk cache is cleared.

BUGFIX: Illegal data message in offline mode even though data are legal.

BUGFIX: Tool crash if someone tries to add huge number of scrips in a favorite group.

BUGFIX: Sometime Technical Advisor not working for NSE futures.

BUGFIX: In case of two indicators in a chart area other than top area, editing properties of first indicator resulted in wrong indicator values.

BUGFIX: Multiple Investar Application icons remain in taskbar even though Investar is closed properly.

Investar Release (Build : (15th April 2010)

FEATURE: Future Corporate Actions like Splits, Events and Bonuses are available for the next month.

FEATURE: Guided Tutorial for Novice users.

CHANGE: BONUS Event will not be handled automatically in portfolio.

CHANGE: Numerous Performance Improvements should update data faster at the End of the Day.

CHANGE: Chart can be viewed with 5-days and 15-days history also.

CHANGE: Support for BSEREALTY and BSEPOWER charts.

CHANGE: Improved Price Alert.

BUGFIX: Automatic renaming of BAJAJAUTO to BAJAJHLDNG in portfolio due to unexpected company name change.

BUGFIX: With one chart area, adding an indicator which cannot be plotted in top area, tool was crashing.

BUGFIX: Work Offline used to stop at 99%.

Investar Release (Build : (25th November 2009)

FEATURE: Support for Continuous (or Back-Adjusted) Futures.

FEATURE: Indicator colors can now be specified.

FEATURE: Support for editing existing indicator properties by right-clicking on an indicator.

FEATURE: Option for setting default color of drawing.

FEATURE: Option to show/hide grid lines in chart

FEATURE: New Chart Skin (MaroonWhite) for users who prefer lighter background.

FEATURE: Added Open Interest indicator for Future and Option charts.

FEATURE: MACD Histogram will now be plotted along with MACD indicator.

FEATURE: Option for Changing Y-Axis Scale to Log/Linear by right clicking on Y-Axis.

FEATURE: Improved facility for Saving Chart.

FEATURE: Added NSE Future Scans.

FEATURE: Added 10 new scans.

FEATURE: Added BSE Group filters in "Show Scans For" combo-box (BSE Groups -A,B,B1,T,TS... etc).

FEATURE: Portfolio Add-on is now available (Client Portfolios can be added in units of 5,25,100 etc).

FEATURE: Added Total Gain Loss, Gain Loss %, Amount Invested and Market Value for both Portfolios and Accounts.

FEATURE: Option Commission can be specified in terms of minimum commission or %.

FEATURE: Added Support for F&O Contract Note import for MF Global.

FEATURE: Added Face Value / Share in Fundamental Data.

FEATURE: Fundamental Data for TTM, FY and MRQ now clearly specify the respective Quarter/Year.

FEATURE: Selected Favorite Group can be deleted by pressing Delete Key from keyboard.

CHANGE: Expert Advisor for Futures.

CHANGE: Improved overall Advice in Expert Advisor.

CHANGE: ADX indicator now also has +DI and -DI lines.

CHANGE: Parameters for Moving Average indicators (EMA, SMA) can be between 1 to 1000.

CHANGE: Low PE Scans are now sorted by low PEs instead of Vol %.

CHANGE: Separate Intraday and F&O analysis in Profit/Loss Analysis Pane.

CHANGE: Support for MINIFTY.

CHANGE: Indices are also scanned for Technicals.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Multiple trendlines were drawn automatically and could not be deleted.

BUGFIX: Horizontal Line was not extended in future.

BUGFIX: Split/Bonus events in some scrips were not managed properly.

BUGFIX: Sometimes there was difference between data displayed in Favorite Tree and Scans & Favorites Pane.

BUGFIX: “Error Updating Data/Scans” problem under some rare scenarios.

BUGFIX: Fixed some problems in CSV Import.

BUGFIX: Contract Note import for (Motiala Oswal & MF Global).

BUGFIX: In “Work Offline” Mode, closing prices contained zero values for all scrips in Portfolio Pane.

BUGFIX: Sometimes an “Illegal Data” message was incorrectly shown when Investar was started in “Work Offline” Mode.

BUGFIX: Portfolio summary in Home Pane was shown only for two portfolios.

BUGFIX: Sometimes Favorite Syncronization Message came twice.

Investar Release (Build : (25th April 2009)

FEATURE: Export of P&L Analysis and CSV import will be available in Basic Edition also.

FEATURE: Investar is now independent of the system's regional settings. This sometimes caused some unexpected behavior if the regional settings were changed.

FEATURE: Portfolio now supports Auto Save to ensure there is no loss of transaction data in case of Application Crash.

FEATURE: Support for import of Geojit Contract Note.

FEATURE: Full support for RMoney F&O Trade Book.

FEATURE: Double-clicking on "Data Updated As of" status shows Data updation status (for diagnostic purposes)

CHANGE: Text change of Transaction node to provide better clarity and manageability, e.g. Lot 10/4/2009 (Buy).

CHANGE: Industry Comparison menu item is enabled in all cases when looking at Scan&Fav Pane.

CHANGE: In Profit Loss Analysis, commission of Sell, ShortSell and SellToOpen transaction will not be displayed as negative.

CHANGE: When doing Odin/CSV import, the Trading Diary is automatically opened and Portfolio and Account are set as per user selection.

CHANGE: Discrepancy between system date time and the actual time caused the application’s data updation process to be incorrect sometimes. Now the user is given warning when this happens.

BUGFIX: On Vista, whenever the System Password Credentials were changed, Investar would crash.

BUGFIX: Better handling of intermittent network connectivity to make the Application more stable under such circumstances.

BUGFIX: In Trading Diary commission was not accounted for properly in the Net Amount in case of Sell, ShortSell and SellToOpen transaction.

BUGFIX: When doing Odin/CSV import, F&O symbol lookup dialog was incorrectly shown when doing mapping for equity symbols.

BUGFIX: Favorite Industry and Index group were not preserved in Standard Edition.

BUGFIX: Bollinger Band Indicator was not reflecting changed indicator parameters.

BUGFIX: Application would crash when user with old Basic Edition( or lower) in Offline Mode tried to upgrade to Standard Edition.

BUGFIX: Application crash during Industry Comparison.

BUGFIX: Deleted groups were recreated when synchronizing favorites at application restart.

BUGFIX: Company name having hyphen (-) as a character will not be considered as F&O symbol.

BUGFIX: Portfolio name change not reflected in Trading Diary.

BUGFIX: While restoring Portfolio, F&O transactions were not properly restored.

Investar Release (Build : (11th February 2009)

FEATURE: Old Basic Edition is now Standard Edition with F&O Option

FEATURE: New Basic Edition released for Entry-Level Investors

FEATURE: Support for Multiple Portfolios

FEATURE: Export Profit/Loss Report to CSV file (Standard Only)

FEATURE: Import/Export of transactions in CSV format

FEATURE: Backup/Restore of one or more Portfolio(s)

FEATURE: Profit/Loss Analysis for a selected scrip in Portfolio.

FEATURE: Filter Scans based on Indices (Standard Edition Only)

FEATURE: Create/Edit/Delete Favorite Index/Industry group (Standard Edition Only)

FEATURE: Technical View of Scan and Favorite Stocks

FEATURE: Add upto 5 Chart areas (Standard Edition Only)

FEATURE: 10 drawings (Standard Only, Basic supports 2)

FEATURE: Restore deleted predefined Chart Views.

FEATURE: 10 Indicators in top area(Standard Only), 2 Indicators in area other than top area.

FEATURE: Multiple Scrip Selection in Search Symbol while creating Favorite group.

CHANGE: Group By options are now “Portfolio-Accounts” and “Portfolios” in portfolio.

CHANGE:Accepting all transaction in one click when importing from TradeBook or Contract Note.

CHANGE: In Technicals view of Portfolio and Scans&Favorites, Pivot data of Futures are based on OHLC of that Future Symbol and Pivot data of Option are based on its underlying.

CHANGE: Improved performance of Portfolio.

CHANGE: Portfolio in Home Pane summarizes scrips of Portfolio.

CHANGE: Profit/Loss analysis is now Portfolio specific. Not account specific.

CHANGE: Exchange selection is now in tool itself. Not at login time.

CHANGE: Industry Comparison will be in selected Favorite tree view. Not only in fundamental view

CHANGE: Scans & Favorites Pane shows either scrip/company name as per setting in Tools->Option.

CHANGE: Day Watch view in Scans & Favorites renamed to Quotes view.

CHANGE: Improved Favorite Tree performance when updating scans.

CHANGE : Pivot Lines feature is no longer provided for Option symbols to avoid misinterpretation.

CHANGE : Better Tooltips in chart.

BUGFIX: Same Indicator with same parameter in different area of chart is allowed.

BUGFIX: Application Crash under certain scenarios when groups were changed in favorite tree.

BUGFIX: Chart Period not preserved when clicking on any Scan or Favorite symbol in Favorite Tree.

BUGFIX: Sell Transaction of F&O not allowed without a matching buy transaction.

FIX: Amount Invested was not updated whenever a Sell Transaction is done, leading to wrong calculation of overall Gain/Loss %

BUG FIX: Left Portfolio Tree will be updated on As of Date in right Portfolio Pane.

BUG FIX: Computation Error in certain Short Sell Scenarios.

Investar Minor Update (Build : (21st November 2008)

CHANGE: Performance Improvements for Vista.

BUG FIX: Fixed Split/Bonus/Dividend Event Display for many BSE Scrips.

Investar Release (Build : (22nd July 2008)  

FEATURE: Drag-and-Drop Import of Transactions using Contract Notes for Reliance Money, 5Paise, ShareKhan,
                 MF Global, Religare and Motilal Oswal.

FEATURE: Display totals of Cost Basis, Gain/Loss, Gain/Loss % in Holdings View of Portfolio to give a clearer picture of Portfolio.

FEATURE: Multiple transaction deletion in Trading diary.

FEATURE: 6 more indicators, total indicator support is now 30+

FEATURE: Greatly Improved Fundamentals showing TTM (Trailing Twelve Months), MRQ (Most Recent Quarter)
                 and FY (Financial Year) Data.

FEATURE: Provide an option for the Cursor to track Mouse movements in Chart.

FEATURE: Show Pivot Lines in F&O also.

CHANGE : New Column added for Cost Basis in Holdings View of Portfolio.

CHANGE : In Standard Version, you can now add up to 10 scans at a time (If more than 5 scans are selected at a time then Symbols
                per Scan Limit will be Total Symbol Limit/Number of Scans Selected (eg 200/10 in case of 10 scans).

CHANGE : In Standard Version, you can now maintain 10 Watchlists (Favorite Groups) at a time.

CHANGE : In Standard Version, you can now maintain upto 5 Accounts in your Portfolio.

CHANGE : "My Portfolio" is displayed by default in Favorite Tree. Ability to add scrips that have closed in "Manage Portfolio Scrips"

CHANGE : More user-friendly Scrip-Code Lookup Dialog.

CHANGE : "Select All" option in Metastock Export Dialog Box and in Manage Portfolio Scrips Dialog.

BUG FIX: Fixed a stability issue in Windows Vista which caused the application to crash unpredictably on Windows Vista.

BUG FIX: Fixed a problem that the selected text in Win XP green/silver theme would become invisible.

BUG FIX: Corrected Total Gain/Loss % in Portfolio.

BUG FIX: Removed Flicker in Chart due to incorrect display of Daily data irrespective of resolution whenever Chart changed.

BUG FIX: Two stop/loss lines were displayed in Chart.

BUG FIX: Corrected some of the Scans so that they are more accurate.

BUG FIX: Pivot Lines remaining in some cases even after disabling "Tools -> Show Pivot Lines".

BUG FIX: Scan/Fav Pane displayed wrong column under some circumstances.

BUG FIX: Fixed a problem related to Short F&O Transaction while importing.

Investar Release (Build : (16th Feb 2008)

FEATURE: Support for running behind Firewall (through port 80). Investar should now work seamlessly in a Company Environment                  as long as the is not blocked from access.

FEATURE: Support for NSE F&O in Charts, Portfolio and Scans & Favorites.

FEATURE: Calculate Realized Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains and Losses in Profit/Loss Analysis Pane (for Tax Purposes)

FEATURE: Automatically draw Pivot Support/Resistance Lines in Chart

FEATURE: Add Technical View to Portfolio to give a quick Technical Overview for making Trading decisions

FEATURE: Add facility for separate Intraday and Delivery Brokerage Calculations (including other miscellaneous taxes) in Portfolio.

FEATURE: Allow deletion of all types of transactions in Portfolio Trading Diary.

FEATURE: Add 18 more indicators bringing the total Indicator support to 25.

FEATURE: Add F&O Transaction Drag and Drop Import support for (View current Online Broker Import Support).

FEATURE: Clicking on an Index in the Home Pane will open its chart in Chart Pane.

CHANGE : When an Investar Settings File is corrupted and an Error Recovery is attempted, send only the affected Settings File                         instead of all Settings Files.

CHANGE : Automatic or Manual Brokerage Calculations to be set for an Account

CHANGE : Investar now runs behind a Proxy which requires Proxy Authentication

CHANGE : Make ODIN Transaction Import more flexible and easy to use (similar to Online Broker Drag and Drop Import).

BUG FIX : Fix a bug where Portfolio Pane prices were not properly updated (resulting in differences in prices between Portfolio                        Pane and Home Pane

BUG FIX : Correct Percentage Values in Fibonacci Retracements

BUG FIX : Allow installation of Investar from non-IE Browsers like Firefox and Mozilla (fixed by Microsoft in .NET SP1)

Investar Beta3 (Build : (30th September 2007)

FEATURE: Provide support for running behind proxy server (using default settings from IE or by manually providing IP and Port).

FEATURE: Import transactions from by using simple drag & drop.

FEATURE: Split and Bonus adjustments in Portfolio and Charts (Please Clear Disk Cache using Tools->Options to
                 see proper adjustment).

FEATURE: Automatically send an error report and attempt recovery whenever Investar Settings File is corrupted.

FEATURE: Volume can now be replaced with some other indicator in 2nd Chart Area.

FEATURE: Provide ability to retrieve closing price at the time of entering new stock transaction.

FEATURE: Show company names instead of Scrip codes in Portfolio.

FEATURE: Allow deletion of ShortShell and CoverShort transactions from trading diary.

FEATURE: Facility to add holding transactions at the time of creating an account to simplify entering individual transactions
                 prior to the Account Creation Date.

FEATURE: Show icon indicating the exchange of a Scrip in Portfolio.

BUG FIX: Include BE series companies in NSE company list and for updating data. Historical Prices for certain stocks were not                       updated properly because of this. Some Market Data like Advance/Declines was also not accurate earlier.

BUG FIX: View Accurate Portfolio Position at any Date in the Past. Prices of Stocks were earlier not updated according to the
               As-Of Date.

BUG FIX: Fix a problem where even after saving a Chart View, the latest data was not displayed in the right whenever
               you switched between Charts.

BUG FIX: Cost Basis per Share of each scrip is now calculated as weighted average of Cost price of each transaction.

BUG FIX: Data shown beside each Scrip in Industry comparison view is accurately shown in Portfolio (earlier it was
               incorrectly shown as a sum of individual transactions).

BUG FIX: Deletion of an account as well as a transaction by just pressing Delete key on keyboard.

BUG FIX: Allow increase in initial cash balance of an account at the time of editing an account.

BUG FIX: Date in chart shown in Indian Locale (dd/mm/YYYY).

BUG FIX: Don t allow to enter Sell or CoverShort transaction for closed lots in portfolio.

BUG FIX: Corrected Resource Links on Investar Home Page.

Investar Beta (Build : (19th June 2007)

FEATURE: Investar is Certified for Windows Vista .

FEATURE: View the latest prices for BSE and NSE indices on Home Pane/ Market Pane

FEATURE: Find out the top industries that are gaining and losing ground

FEATURE: Support for complete offline mode (including Stock Advisor)

FEATURE: Split/Bonus Notification in Chart

FEATURE: Show recent events information on Home Pane

FEATURE: Support for Full Screen Chart

FEATURE: Set price alerts directly from Alert Pane

FEATURE: Gray out outdated(not Traded) symbols in Favorites Tree

FEATURE: Display chart for selected scrip from Market Pane

FEATURE: Import of Stock Transactions from ODIN Terminal.

BUG FIX: Common Tasks Right Arrow is grayed out when menu item is disabled

BUG FIX: Display error message, if firewall blocks Investar port

BUG FIX: Show Scrip Code/Company Name on Home Pane, Market Pane, etc.

BUG FIX: Remove three level menu for Portfolio Transactions

BUG FIX: Gray out Stock Advisor when not applicable

BUG FIX: Buy icon not shown in chart immediately after making transaction

BUG FIX: Improve the performance of Browsing Mode in Chart

Investar Beta (Build : March 2007)

FEATURE: Common Toolbar (Refresh, Advisor, Hide/Show Pane, Pane Alignment, Help)

FEATURE: Option to clear Disk Cache

FEATURE: Option to show Company Name/Scrip Code in Favorite Tree.

FEATURE: NSE/BSE icon in Favorite Tree to clearly distinguish the stocks from both exchanges

FEATURE: Online/Offline indication in Status bar

FEATURE: Show market (BSE/NSE) indication on Title bar

FEATURE: Fibonacci Retracements

FEATURE: Ability to cancel Login & Work offline process

FEATURE: Sorting provided on Checked/Unchecked scans in Manage Scans

BUG FIX: Show "Fundamental Data Not Available for xxx" in Fundamental Pane when Fundamentals are not available

BUG FIX: Replace use of word "Symbol" by "Scrip Code"

BUG FIX: Disallow cash in Portfolio to become negative

BUG FIX: Fix Drag and Drop of Symbol containing spaces from Browser to Favorite Tree

BUG FIX: Updated Stock Advice Text for Stochastics

BUG FIX: Switching between NSE and BSE resulted in display of scrips in Scans of market that has not been selected

BUG FIX: Fundamental Pane showed Searching For Symbol even after data had been fetched

Investar Beta (Build : (26th Jan 2007)

Initial Release

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