Investar Beta with Minor Changes

Today we have released a new minor version of Investar beta (version This release includes bug fixes and some features

What’s new in Beta?

Scan Alert Notifications on Mobile (Currently supported for Investar Mobile Beta)

You can now get Investar Desktop scans notifications on your Phone. You could just sync your notifications to your Mobile, so they show up right there—which really makes a lot more sense.

Step 1: Select Set Scan Alert Notifications on Mobile from the Standard Toolbar on top as follows:

It will open the Alert Criteria dialog box. See the figure below.

In the above figure, you can see there is 2 section. 1st section is where you can set alerts on symbols, you can either select your favorite group symbol or you can look up for any particular symbol for which you want an alert.

In the 2nd section, Select the desired Scan type such as Pre-defined or custom Scan or if you want all alerts you can select all.

Then Select the scans for which you want to set the Alert. You can add as many alerts as you want to set.

Step 3: Now Save & Exit button.

A notification should show up on your mobile. Boom, you’re done there.

All the scrips with their associated scans will be added in scan alert criteria.

The Alerts are now set on the selected scrips and whenever the selected scrips fall under that Scan, the Scan Alerts will be generated.

You can easily edit or delete any scan alert criteria at any point in time.

Some Other features such as:

  • CCI is now supported in a custom scan.
  • MACD Histogram supported as a sub-indicator of MACD in a custom scan.
  • Add/Edit Scan Alert Criteria at a group level.
  • Show Previous Day’s/Current Day’s OHLC lines.

Which bugs have been fixed in Beta?

  • Point and Figure chart were not visible in LimeGreenBlack theme.
  • Point and Figure chart first candle were not drawn properly.
  • Changed structure of LTCG analysis as per new LTCG rules
  • Custom Scan Enable/Disable was not properly working in some scenarios.
  • The scan filter second filter is not working, when we use Multi TF ( For e.g., if we keep NSE nifty, the results will come from NSE ALL. Or If we keep NSE Future and Cont1m, the results will come from NSE futures ALL.
  • No watchlists were shown when Scan time frame set to Multi TF.

How to get the new version?

Download Here

What’s more, Investar 5.5 and Investar Beta can run simultaneously, so it will not affect your normal usage.

Our goal is and always has been to provide value through innovation and quality. This is yet another step in that direction and we are committed to delivering.

Stay Tunned!


2 thoughts on “Investar Beta with Minor Changes

  1. Tried downloading the Beta Version but it doesn’t run on my computer.
    Says ” Contact software provider”

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