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The Auto-Support/Resistance feature in Investar uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically plot the support/resistance levels and rate them based on the strength of different levels analysis just as an expert Technical Analyst. In addition, the Supply/Demand Zones are also plotted automatically using this feature.

Auto-Support/Resistance feature also empowers a trader to do a lot many things in a very easy manner:

Identify targets on any stock (nearest resistance or support based on Auto-SR).

Decide to take a trade based on a favorable Risk/Reward ratio.

Scan for resistance breakouts (used to identify volume breakouts) or support breakdowns.

Scan for stocks with High Risk/Reward ratio.

Scan for Supply/Demand zone breakouts/breakdowns.

Auto-Trendlines and Auto-Divergence

Trendlines plotted automatically on the Chart for identifying trend.

Identfy trend reversals with trendline breakouts/breakdowns.

Various types of Regular/Hidden Bullish and Bearish Divergences identified on chart:

Price-MACD Histogram Divergence

Price-RSI Divergence

Price-CCI Divergence

Price-Stochastics Divergence

Following features will be exclusively available to the Auto-SR addon:

Auto-Support/Resistance Levels drawn automatically on chart (powered by AI)

Auto-Support/Resistance-based Scans (Auto Support/Resistance Breakouts, Near Support/Resistance etc)- supported in all timeframes down to 1-min

High Risk/Reward ratio scans

Risk/Reward Ratio and Stop Loss on Chart

Auto-Supply/Demand Zones and associated scans

Auto-Trendlines and associated scans

Auto-Divergence and associated scans

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Using Auto-Support/Resistance (Viewed best in IE 6.0+):

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